Quill Forms: A New Era of WordPress Forms & Surveys

Quill Forms: A New Era of WordPress Forms & Surveys

You have a shining WordPress website in place. You have already listed your products or services and everything looks pretty amazing. Now, you just need website visitors to convert to loyal fans and ready-to-pay customers. But are your forms letting you down?

Forms are a great way of collecting more information about your customers. You can use forms to generate more leads or offer surveys that help you to learn more about your customers. With the data you collect, you can improve your products or services, and in the end, boost your conversion rates.

There are a ton of WordPress form plugins out there, which makes choosing the right one for your needs nearly impossible. Well, in today’s review, we cover Quill Forms, a beautiful and powerful form plugin that makes creating friendly and interactive forms a breeze.

In the upcoming sections, we learn more about the Quill Forms plugin and other important aspects such as features, pricing, and support. We also test drive the plugin so you know exactly what to expect. Or you can skip ahead and test it yourself!

Quill Forms Live Demo

But without further ado, let us dig in.

What is Quill Forms?

First things first, what is this animal we’re calling Quill Forms and what does it do? Quill Forms is a fantastic WordPress form plugin that helps you to create interactive and conversational forms that boost your conversion rates. As you might already know, boring and overwhelming forms can send your customers away.

Tell me more…

Brought to you by QuillForms and Mohamed Magdy, the Quill Forms WordPress plugin allows you to create contact forms and surveys that act as lead generation machines and bridge the gap between your audience and products. In other words, the plugin helps you to create forms that seem like a casual conversation instead of a 20-question boring form that people don’t want to fill out.

As a WordPress user myself, I have tried several contact form plugins in the past, but the Quill Forms WordPress plugin stands out from the crowd. And I’m not alone:

This plugin is fantastic, and the UI is very neat. It worked out of the box; I was able to create an elegant and interactive form in a matter of minutes. Quill Forms is definitely the best free alternative to Typeform out there. Great job, guys! – Mahmoud Saeed, CEO at Infinue

If you’re in the market for a form-building plugin that will blow your mind, Quill Forms doesn’t disappoint. It comes with an impressive suite of features that allows anybody to create amazing forms without coding experience. The plugin will change how you create forms, as you’ll learn in the feature section below.

The developers are generous enough to offer you a free Quill Forms version that is available at WordPress.org. If you want the full power of Quill Forms at your fingertips, you will love the premium version available on the official Quillforms.com website.

Here is a quick video that explains how Quill Forms works. Enjoy:

With that out of the way, let us now discover what the Quill Forms WordPress plugin offers in terms of features.

Quill Forms Features

quill forms features

While Quill Forms is quite powerful, you don’t get feature bloat. The developers have managed to create a fantastic form plugin without extraneous features that get in your way. On top of that, the plugin is extremely easy to use, which is exactly what you need. Here’s a highlight of the features to expect.

Quill Forms Features Highlights

  • An attractive and conversion-focused design – Quill Forms offers you interactive forms that are easier to fill out. Instead of barraging your visitors with a long list of questions, you can lead them from one question to the next, which helps you to boost your conversion rates.
  • Multiple form blocks – Building conversational blocks with Quill Forms is incredibly easy. To create a new form, simply drag and drop blocks where you need them on the form. Available blocks include Welcome Screen, Thank You Screen, Short Text, Long Text, Email, Name, Number, Dropdown, Date, Website, Statement, and File (which helps your users to upload a file). The Opinion block, which is great for surveys, is only available in the pro version.
  • Customizable form themes – You can start with a theme, create a new theme or customize an existing theme to match your brand. You can change colors, fonts, and backgrounds for free. Plus, it’s all easy – simply point and click and your work is done.
  • Email notifications – The Quill Forms WordPress form plugin allows you to send notifications to any email address you want. That means you will receive notifications to any email address you want whenever a user submits a form.

And there’s more…

  • Jump logic (Pro version) – Thanks to conditional logic, Quill Forms allows you to send people to different paths depending on their answers. It is a great way to segment your audience and boost your conversion rates.
  • Answers piping feature – You can use a previous field answer in another field by using “@” in the question label editor or description editor.
  • Calculator (Pro version) – This feature allows you to create quizzes, cost estimation forms and use calculator variables with the answers piping feature.
  • Share everywhere – Quill Forms offers you a link to share your forms whenever you want. On top of that, you have an iFrame embed code that makes sharing your form everywhere as easy as A, B, C.

And more…

  • Multiple integrations (Pro version) – In this day and age, it would be a shame to use a WordPress form plugin that doesn’t integrate with your favorite tools. Well, Quill Forms has none of that. The plugin integrates seamlessly with tools such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, HubSpot, Google Sheets, and Zapier.
  • Manage your form entries – Quill Forms comes with a reports dashboard that offers you access to all of your form submissions. Once any user submits your form, you can display and delete any of them. You can sort submission by date, alphabetically or numerically. Additionally, you can export form entries in CSV format in the pro version.
  • Intuitive admin dashboard – Quill Forms offers you an intuitive and neat dashboard that allows you to navigate and manage your forms quickly.
  • Amazing support – The team behind Quill Forms extends splendid support via their website, live chat, WordPress, Github, and social media channels.

And if you’re looking to monetize your forms, you’ll be happy to know that support for multiple payment processors and settings (PayPal, Stripe, recurring, etc) is coming soon!

Quill Forms is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use WordPress form plugin. Besides that, you can expect more features in the future seeing as the plugin is in active development. With the feature list out of the way, let us learn how much Quill Forms costs.

Quill Forms Pricing

quill forms the best wordpress form plugin pricing

Quill Forms offers you fair pricing plans compared to competitors. They have three yearly plans at the time of writing:

  • Basic – The plan costs just $99/year (usually $139/year) for a single site. It’s perfect for beginners, freelancers, small companies, and anybody else working on a single website. The plan doesn’t include Zapier and HubSpot integration.
  • Plus – This plan will set you back $199 (usually $239) per year for three sites. The plan is suitable for medium-sized companies and organizations. You have the Zapier integration on top of the other features available in the Basic plan and payment integrations with Paypal and Stripe.
  • Enterprise – Meant for agencies, larger companies, and multi-site builds, the plan will cost you $399 (usually $499) per year for unlimited sites. You have the full range of features at your disposal including priority support, Zapier, HubSpot integrations and payments with Paypal and Stripe.

As we mentioned earlier, there is a free version at WordPress.org that allows you to test the waters before committing. And as usual, always pick a plan that is suitable for your business needs.

Now that we know what Quill Forms is, the features, and how much the WordPress form plugin costs, let us test drive the whole thing.

How to Set Up Quill Forms WordPress Form Plugin

Before installing the premium version, you must install the free version. Since the plugin is available on the official WordPress plugin repository, we can install it inside your WordPress admin dashboard. Here is what you need to do.

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New, as shown below.

installing quill forms wordpress form plugin

After that, enter “Quill Forms” in the keyword search box and click the Install Now button, as we highlight below.

installing the quill forms wordpress plugin

Next, activate the plugin:

activate the quill forms wordpress plugin

Now Quill Forms is ready to use. To start creating a new form, click the Quill Forms menu item on your WordPress admin menu, as shown below.

quill forms wordpress

Next, simply click the Add New tab, as shown below.

quill forms dashboard

In the popup that appears, enter your form title and click the Create button:

quill forms form title

Next, create your form as you desire (See our example video below).

Creating forms in Quill Forms is straightforward. I don’t expect you to run into any problems, in which case you have the support team at your beck and call. Once you’ve created your form, click the Publish button at the top:

Quill Forms: A New Era of WordPress Forms & Surveys 1

To get the full range of features, you need the premium version, which is available on their official website for QuillForms.


Using forms is a great way of generating leads and learning more about your audience. But traditional forms usually send your prospects away, especially if they are boring, long, and overwhelming. Luckily for you, a tool such as Quill Forms helps you to create conversational and interesting forms that visitors are happy to fill out.

So, why do we like QuillForms for WordPress form building? We love that it’s easy to create new forms (or edit new ones) with the super intuitive interface. We also find it extremely helpful to have quick access as well as export options for user submitted entries. This means it’s faster to communicate with site visitors, and it makes aggregating/formatting form data a breeze. And last – we love the add-ons. You can enable what you need to keep your forms streamlined, but we’re sure you’re going to want to give the Zapier automated integrations as much as we do!

Say goodbye to long and boring forms and invest in a solution such as Quill Forms and thrive! While we love the premium version’s advanced options, if you want to give QuillForms a try today, the free version includes plenty of great features (plus no branding and unlimited forms) why not?

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