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Drive More Traffic To Your WordPress Blog By Recycling Old Posts

Take a look at your website(s) and think about how many blog posts are available for easy access on the homepage. I’m sure you can see maybe four or five, or maybe even up to ten or a few more, but once your blog posts leave the homepage they become similar to a link moving to the second page of results on Google: useless.

Now, with blog posts you can still gain traffic with organic search results and from those people who scan through your website to checkout your archives, so not everything is lost. However, once a year or two passes by you have a huge repository of WordPress blog posts that rarely see the light of day. This is a problem, because you’ve already put in the work or paid other writers to create the content. Why can’t you reuse the posts to engage your readers or make money? Let’s take a look at how you can reuse your old WordPress posts.

1. Recirculate Them Through Social Media

If you run a website you probably have some social media accounts, right? The thing with social media is that it’s a complete pain to manage. That’s why so many companies hire a completely separate person or team to run the whole thing.

Why not use your old blog content by placing it on your social media accounts? Chances are you have different people following each platform, and people appreciate seeing something that they might have missed two or three years ago.

Our top pick to automate your social sharing is Missinglettr. This powerful service is an easy way to create and manage your social marketing plan. Missinglettr auto-generates social media posts to share your content throughout the year. All you have to do is approve the campaign. Plus it creates a content calendar you can use to keep track of what’s been planned.

Revive Old Posts – Auto Post to Social Media

Another fantastic option is the Revive Old Post plugin, which grabs all of your older posts and tweets them automatically. The plugin lets you remove some pages and posts from the cycle, but it’s a wonderful way to keep your Twitter active while bringing exposure to your old blog posts.

Look through the old posts and grab the photos to share on Pinterest. See how many people are willing to pin your articles and test if you can create engaging photos that convince more people to share. You can also share your old links on just about any social media account to help build your platform and reuse content. For example, you might think about grabbing an image of your earlier offices and sharing it on Facebook for a funny look into the past.

2. Get Your Email Newsletter Going

When you start a newsletter you have plenty of tools to help you out, such as MailChimp and AWeber. If you aren’t currently building an email list on your website, get started now. It’s the one tried and true method for keeping people



This article was written by Tom Ewer and originally published on WPExplorer.

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