A Review of KadenceWP Blocks: Extending WordPress Blocks

A Review of KadenceWP Blocks: Extending WordPress Blocks

We continue our journey looking at block collection plugins today with KadenceWP. We’ve previously covered KadenceWP in our 12 Days of Giving giveaways last December.

If you’ve ever spent any time in the block editor, you’ll understand how limiting it can be when it comes to designing layouts. Especially when you come from building sites where you used page builder, this is one of the things I really love about the KadenceWP blocks. KadenceWP offers a number of additional blocks that allow you to expand your options for building dynamic and flexible pages.

The free version is already powerful in that it gives you the ability to create pages with complex layouts, gives you control over columns, rows, spacing, and more. However, KadenceWP also has a pro version of their block plugin. And the pro version is really the one that you’re going to want to get

KadenceWP gives you several pre-designed layouts that not only look good with some of the best design practices in mind. They also allow you to edit just about every single thing of each of those pre-designed layouts. 

The power of KadenceWP is in the row layout block. The row layout block gives you better control of columns for different screen sizes, plus it gives you full row editing tools like padding, backgrounds, overlays, gradients, vertical alignment and much more. Take a look at the video review below.

As I’ve been building sites with Gutenberg, KadenceWP is probably one of a small number of block plugins I install on every single site. 

The pro blocks in KadenceWP are: the image overlay block, the post grid/carousel block, split content block, product carousel block, modal block, video pop-up block, and the on scroll animation.

Key Features in Using this Plugin

One of the biggest features I like about KadenceWP is the prebuilt library. The designs are modern and allow you to build a page with just a few clicks quickly. Once you have everything you want from the prebuilt library, you get a ton of row customization options that allow you to change up the design to be your own. 

That’s the power of KadenceWP. They provide you with a number additional design features to really allow you to design just about anything you want with using a well-designed prebuilt library as a starting point.

Row Customization

KadenceWP provides you with a ton of row customization options. You have the ability to change the background with attributes like overlays, opacity, even gradients. Finally, there’s a wide range of row dividers as well.

A Review of KadenceWP Blocks: Extending WordPress Blocks 1



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