Where to Sell a Business: How to Find the Right Buyer, and Fast

Where to Sell a Business: How to Find the Right Buyer, and Fast

👉 In this article, we show you where to sell your business fast, and to the right buyer. Keep reading to see your best options!

📚 Table of contents:

  1. Online business-selling marketplaces
  2. Through a broker
  3. Through relevant advertising mediums
  4. In online industry groups
  5. In your own marketing materials
  6. At industry events
  7. Directly contacting your private network
  8. Private equity firms

Where to sell a business: the top options

Learning where to sell your business is much like establishing your business in the first place:

  • Where do you look to find employees and partners?
  • Which business contacts have you compiled?
  • Are there investors you have worked with?
  • What about suppliers and manufacturers?
  • And where on the internet do they discuss businesses like yours?

💡 In short, you’re not looking to post a general advertisement, but rather, to find a place where  like-minded business professionals  interact.

With that in mind, here’s where to sell your business and get results:

1. Online business-selling marketplaces

First things first. List your business on popular exchanges and marketplaces – more than one if possible. These marketplaces efficiently connect sellers with buyers, giving you a much stronger chance of selling your business. People who visit marketplaces like these are intentionally seeking out new businesses, offering you a more targeted experience when seeking a buyer.

The benefits of selling your business on a marketplace:

  • Marketplaces offer both paid and free listing options.
  • Sellers get profiles with landing pages to sell their business.
  • These marketplaces have messaging tools for potential buyers to contact you.
  • Marketplaces provide recommendations on what information to share with sellers, like business revenues, profits, inventory values, and your asking price.
  • You gain more targeted exposure than other methods of advertising your “for sale” business.
  • Marketplaces often allow for unique business listings, like if you want to just sell a domain name, or to sell your branding rights.

👉 Now that we know the benefits of these marketplaces, let’s explore the best marketplaces 🛒 for selling a business:

Exchange Marketplace

Exchange Marketplace, a business selling and buying marketplace from Shopify, lets online store owners list their businesses for vetted buyers. Its unique advantage is that sellers can’t mess with their Shopify numbers, so all buyers know exactly what they’re getting into.

Exchange Marketplace offers sleek business profiles to explain the sale, list pricing, and categorize by:

  • Location
  •  Business type 
  • Industry
  • Business attributes
  • Sale



This article was written by Joe Warnimont and originally published on CodeinWP.

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