Styles In Modern WordPress

Styles In Modern WordPress

I really appreciated this article from Brian Coords over at MasterWP. He does a great job of situating some recent core-team discussions about styling thinking within a context that me (as an average WordPress developer not really paying attention) can understand. This is particular stood out:

What’s important here is that any unique or custom HTML you want to include in your theme must be created as a custom block for use in the block editor. So your options for block themes are either no-code (build templates using existing blocks) or very high-code (build new blocks using React.js and a fairly hefty build process). Block themes basically jump over the ‘sweet spot’ that classic themes occupied: anyone with just a little knowledge of HTML and CSS could be dangerous enough to tweak it.

Overall, Brian’s argument is that the large “middle class” or WordPress development is being crowded out in favor of empowering the low-end of the market who never knew and liked CSS. I think that’s accurate to the feel for me: classic themes still feel like a much better way to go if you’re a classic HTML+CSS designer. The block theme world is just not ready to welcome you. I hope, with Brian, that it will be someday.

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