10 Tips To Keep WordPress Clients Coming Back

10 Tips To Keep WordPress Clients Coming Back

Let’s say you own a WordPress agency providing services and products to clients from one hemisphere to the other.

You work your butt off to drum up your business, including writing top-notch content, launching marketing campaigns, joining WordPress meetups to introduce your services, etc. Through blood, sweat, and tears, you finally get it off the ground.

But we all know that doing business doesn’t just stop at that. A new challenge now goes to how can you keep WordPress clients coming back after every project ends, considering the fact that the WordPress development market has become more and more competitive?

That is the concern that not only you but thousands of WordPress developers and agencies out there are pondering. But no worry, we’re here to give you the answer.

The topic under the spotlight today centers on how to make WordPress customers come back. Before diving into details, let us walk you through the importance of a return customer to your WordPress development business.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your WordPress Clients Coming Back

Return clients play the lifeblood in any business, and WordPress web development is no exception.

In the era of social media, return customers can be great ambassadors of your brand. Not only do they buy your WordPress products and services, but they also help spread words about you. And you know what? This form of marketing always works, even more effectively than paid ads, increasing brand awareness and sales five times.

In terms of costs, retaining current WordPress clients can save you a chunk of change. 82% of companies have confirmed that customer retention costs less than customer acquisition. Besides, according to Upland, acquiring new customers can cost 5 times as much as keeping the existing ones. Meanwhile, just by soaring your customer retention rate by 5%, your WordPress business can maximize profits by 25 to an incredible 95%.

On top of that, keeping WordPress clients coming back can lead to a higher success rate in closing your deals. WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world, empowering 37.8% of the internet and 75+ million sites on the web. This immense popularity equals how competitive the WordPress development market is.

You have to compete with thousands or even millions of WordPress businesses out there to win new customers. But, believe it or not, no matter how much you spend money and effort on marketing campaigns, the probability of selling to a new prospect just limits at 5-20%, while that figure spikes up to 60-70% with a current customer.

Having said that, making a WordPress partner come back still opens up a hard row to hoe. One of the main reasons lies in the client proofing process.

During the site developing process, clients have the right to log into the backend to manage content, make edits, customizations, and updates. However, not all of them are WordPress experts.

Many WordPress agencies have



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