New Hummingbird Update Ushers In Unified Notifications, a New Wizard, and More!

New Hummingbird Update Ushers In Unified Notifications, a New Wizard, and More!

Our well-loved page speed optimization suite just got even suite-er with a new version release!

Hummingbird is here to make your holiday brighter. We’ve added a slew of new features and improvements, from a browser cache wizard (which automates the process), to a brand new Notifications dashboard widget―with all of your reports and notifiers combined.

Keep reading to check out all the newness, or jump ahead using these links:

Enough suspense… let’s tear into this package. ?

True Blue and New

Hummingbird has had Notifications, Performance Reports and state of the art Caching features for some time now, but we’ve upped the ante on all of them.

We’re gonna dive into the details, starting with…

New, More Useful and Unified Notifications Module

Notifications have been revamped, and are more functional than ever.

You can use notifications to automate your workflow, sending reports and notification messages directly to any inbox, and at the schedule of your choosing.

There are four types of Notifications:

  • Performance Test – schedule and send regular performance tests of your site
  • Uptime Reports – send reports of any of your sites’ downtime in a given timeframe
  • Database Cleanup – schedule and send reports for regular cleanups of your database {NEW}
  • Uptime Notifications – instant notification of any downtime to allow for timely action

It used to be that you needed to visit each specific feature to set up or view notifiers. Now they are all grouped in one section, which saves time and effort. And looks spiffy, too!

You can access Notifications two different ways, from the WordPress dashboard main menu:

  • Hummingbird, then scroll down (last module on right)
  • Hummingbird > Notifications
Two options for getting to the Notifications module.

Click on the Manage Notifications button to access settings.

To create a new Notification for any report type, click the plus + icon from the desired notification type row. This will open the scheduling wizard.

Enabling notifications in HummingbirdEnabling notifications in Hummingbird.

Configuring is fast and easy through the Notifications wizard.

Scheduling options for Performance Tests, Uptime Reports, and Database Cleanup types are identical. You can set



This article was written by Janette Burhans and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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