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Lossless image compression is a big deal, more often than not it is the actual image files that slow our site down significantly, and slow sites are known to cause much higher bounce rate, as well as much lower level of satisfaction. Although image compression technology is still being worked on, and hopefully we will see native browser integrations in the future, there are a number of tools and plugins available today that can help us shed off unnecessary bytes, kilobytes and in some cases megabytes from our images.

WordPress bloggers are one of the most widely known group of writers that utilize a lot of images in their content, especially so for sites that do list, gallery and how-to posts on daily basis. The upload folder for images can quickly grow huge, but so you can the load time of each webpage that is serving these images. Perhaps, the process of having to manually optimize each image sounds time consuming, and people just decide to not do it at all.

Thanks to some bright developers and a number of tools, we have a number of free and premium WordPress lossless image compressions plugins available at our disposal, which we will be taking a look at in this post. Please share your own methods and techniques for compressing images in the comment section.

EWWW Image Optimizer, one of the leading loseless image optimization plugins, will automatically optimize/resize all of the images that you upload using the WordPress media manager. You will also be able to use a feature that will let you optimize all your pre-existing images, and have them converted/optimized for the best possible file size and image quality.

EWWW Image Optimizer is built by developers who are highly educated in image optimization and understand how important image optimization can for having your site load faster, use less bandwidth, and optimize overall site performance, not to mention save a ton of disk space which will make it more effecient to make regular site backups.

WP Smush

WPMU DEV have built an image optimization plugin that’s used by more than 300,000 WordPress users. WP Smush optimizes images by removing hidden and junky image data, optimizing the image file size without sacrificing its quality. In their own words — the faster you can make your pages, the more likely you’re going to earn attention from search engines which will lead to higher rankings and more organic visitors.





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