Translate your WordPress Website into 80+ Languages

Linguise Review: Translate your WordPress Website into 80+ Languages

Are you looking for a straightforward way to translate your WordPress website into multiple languages automatically?

Creating a multilingual website is necessary if you plan to go global or even target a specific geographical location where English is not a primary language.

While there are dozens of translation plugins for WordPress websites, most of them can be a bit technical, and if you are a novice user, getting them to work can be a challenge.

In this review, we’ll look at Linguise automatic translations service for websites.

Before jumping into the detailed review, here’s a quick overview of what we think of the plugin.

Linguise: Quick Overview

Linguise is a SaaS translation tool designed to help websites set up automatic translations. You can integrate Linguise with any PHP-based website such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart, or any custom setup. Once you set up Linguise, it will activate instant translations in more than 80 languages.

I’ve tried and tested a few WordPress translation plugins, and Linguise proved to have the easiest setup process. Hands down.

Translate your WordPress Website into 80+ Languages 1

You also get a WordPress plugin to help you seamlessly translate your website’s content and code. Since the tool translates the frontend code, it integrates with any plugin or theme without any issue.

Regarding pricing, Linguise is a SaaS offering and comes with monthly/yearly subscription pricing. This means you need to subscribe to their plans to use the service rather than paying a one-time fee like most WordPress plugins. Pricing ranges from $15 to $45, depending on the number of translated words.

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Translate your WordPress Website into 80+ Languages 2

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Linguise: Features and Hands-On

Here are some of the primary features of Linguise automatic translation service. The bottom line is that you can effortlessly translate your website into more than 80 languages



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