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Mistakes to avoid

The digital age is not a new time for us anymore. Most of our parents’ generation is fluent in all the functions of digital technology and the internet, and most of those technologies aren’t considered a luxury anymore. Can you imagine yourself not being able to buy that new book off Amazon? It might not ruin your day, but it has become an expected luxury.

ECommerce has been with us for a while now. The first digital sale, as we know it today, was in 11.8.1994 on the internet start-up “Netmarket. “ It was a Sting CD.

ECommerce refers to “business transactions conducted on the internet” as defined by Collins Concise English Dictionary, or “The business of buying and selling goods and services on the internet” by the Cambridge Dictionary

Like the internet as a whole, since the moment the Sting CD was sold, the technology has been booming. The transactions are getting simpler, and it’s getting easier to find your wanted products by the day.

Ecommerce retail is expected to grow up to $27 trillion in 2020, so it might be a good idea to jump on it.

The growing technologies of eCommerce have benefited all: freelancers, small businesses, big corporations, and of course, the consumers.
It has never been easier to enter the digital market or the market in general through eCommerce. ECommerce platforms are giving their best to make participating in the market available to everyone. Platforms like WordPress are developing more and more user-friendly designs, systems, and technologies.

Opening and running an eStore is an option every growing business today has a chance to use, and most market trends encourage this step.

Though, there are a few misconceptions that go along with entering this new territory. Luckily, we have the experience of others to learn.

1. “You just sign up and put your product up for sale.”

Maybe it’s those online games that taught us to expect that after we sign up, it’s all intuitive. While the business does share the competition aspect of a game, it’s more like buying the court, making the ball, finding the players, being the referee, and then trying to watch the game.

Setting up your eCommerce site entails a great deal of planning and pre-thought. Even if your product is optimized and ready for sale, you still need a marketing plan, sales analytics tracking, and the whole back-end of fulfillment solutions and finances that go with the sale. While more and more retail is going digital, a business will always be a multilayered, multi-complicated endeavor. Putting it online doesn’t necessarily simplify things, and it’s a lot to take on alone. Don’t be afraid to seek out help.

2. “Once it’s up, it’s up!”

No matter how reliable the internet becomes, it’s still a jungle. Just like you would take extra steps to ensure the integrity of your “store down the street”, you would also give a



This article was written by Matija Cutic and originally published on WP Newsify.

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