UnlimitedWP: WhiteLabeled WordPress Development for Agencies

UnlimitedWP: White-Labeled WordPress Development for Agencies

If you have a WordPress agency or freelance business, you probably have a lot of tasks on your plate.

Sure, there’s building the actual client websites. But you also might want to offer ongoing retainers to provide clients with website edits, updates, maintenance, optimization, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a service that you could offload your tasks to while maintaining your own branding and customer relationships?

You can probably see where this is going…

UnlimitedWP is a white-labeled service that offers unlimited WordPress development tasks for WordPress agencies or freelancers.

It can help with all types of development tasks, both big and small. That includes everything from a short custom code snippet to a full website build, even custom coding themes from scratch (or building with your preferred page builder).

Beyond that, you can also have UnlimitedWP handle maintenance, basic SEO, and performance optimization, all while generating white-labeled reports that you can deliver to your clients.

In this post, we’re going to take a deeper look at what UnlimitedWP is, who can benefit from it, and how it actually works.

If you have an agency or are a freelancer who builds WordPress sites for clients, I think you’ll definitely want to give this one a read.

Let’s dig in!

Who Is UnlimitedWP For?

UnlimitedWP is specifically a white-label development service for WordPress agencies or freelancers looking for help with client sites and projects.

They do not interact directly with end-users, so UnlimitedWP is not really an end user-focused maintenance/development service like you might be familiar with.

But if you’re an agency or freelancer working with clients, you can sign up with UnlimitedWP to have them handle both big and small development tasks while working under your existing branding.

There are also add-ons to have UnlimitedWP help with general maintenance, SEO, and performance optimization.

If you’re a freelancer or agency, there are a few benefits of using this white-labeled approach.

First, there’s the work itself:

  1. You can get access to WordPress developers who can help you with tasks that you might not have the expertise to handle yourself.
  2. Even if you do have that expertise, you might not have the time. Being able to access extra help for tasks can take a lot of stuff off your plate and let you focus on growing your business and finding more clients.

But beyond the work itself, I think the biggest advantage of using a white-label service like this is that you can have someone else handle the work while controlling your own pricing and markup.

This is especially powerful with recurring retainer plans as it lets you build dependable monthly revenue in a very hands-off manner.

UnlimitedWP can also give you white-labeled reports so that you’re still able to offer personalized deliverables to your clients even though UnlimitedWP is handling a lot of the work.

What Can UnlimitedWP Help With? How Much Does It Cost?

The core of UnlimitedWP is its monthly plans that give you unlimited WordPress development tasks for a fixed monthly cost.

I’ll talk about pricing more in the next section, but you’ll essentially pick a plan that provides you with a certain number of daily development hours.

Within those development hours, you can assign unlimited tasks.

These tasks could be simple things that take less than an hour, such as some basic theme customizations or a custom PHP snippet.

Or, they could be big tasks like full website development. Yes – you can have UnlimitedWP fully build a site for you, even including custom sites powered by custom fields, custom post types, and more.

Here are some more examples of the different tasks that you can have UnlimitedWP help with:

UnlimitedWP task examples

They gave us access to a collection of 100+ sites that they’ve built and the quality looked good to me. It included a range of different sites, including sites built with page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder as well as custom themes.

I think this is one of the biggest differentiators between UnlimitedWP and a lot of the other WordPress maintenance/development plans.

With a lot of other services, you’re limited to small tasks that typically take less than an hour each. 

But with UnlimitedWP, you could have someone spend multiple days building a site from the ground up. At the same time, you can still fit in those 30-minute tasks if needed.

Small and medium-sized tasks typically have a 24-48 hour turnaround time, while full website builds will obviously take longer.

UnlimitedWP Development Plan Pricing

UnlimitedWP uses fixed monthly/annual billing, rather than charging you per project or task.

You’ll pay a certain flat rate per month in exchange for a certain number of daily development hours.

Within those daily development hours, you get unlimited tasks. Basically, you can get as much work done as will fit within the hours of your plan.

There are no contracts – if you opt for month-to-month billing, you can stop whenever you want.

Even with the annual billing, you’ll still only be billed monthly. The annual refers to a commitment to use the service for a year, but you don’t need to pay it all upfront (and you don’t need to commit to annual billing if you’d prefer to work month-to-month).

Here are the monthly prices with an annual commitment:

UnlimitedWP annual pricing

And here are the monthly prices with the month-to-month commitment:

UnlimitedWP monthly pricing

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You can also upgrade or downgrade between the plans at any time depending on your needs. For example, you might move up to the Business plan during a particularly busy time and then slide back to the Pro plan during low periods.

Beyond the core development plans, there are also optional add-ons to have UnlimitedWP help you with the following:

  • Basic WordPress maintenance
  • SEO
  • Performance

For an extra fee, you have the option of enabling these plans on a per-site basis. You don’t need to enable the plans for all of your client sites – you can pick and choose which sites need special attention.

Let’s go through them…

Care Add-On

Care add-on

The Care add-on adds a traditional WordPress maintenance service aspect to UnlimitedWP. 

For each site, you get the following:

  • Daily cloud backups (plus backup restores if needed)
  • Monthly core, plugin, and theme updates
  • Security protection powered by iThemes Security, a firewall, and malware scans
  • Technical SEO audit and recommendations
  • Core Web Vitals audit and recommendations
  • Monthly white-labeled reports that you can deliver to clients
  • A white-label project management tool to which you can give clients access
  • An extra 30 minutes per month for website bug fixes and edits

As with UnlimitedWP’s development help, this maintenance service is completely white-labeled, so you can resell it to your clients for any amount and pocket the difference.

The Care add-on costs $47 per month per site.

Growth Add-On

Growth add-on

The Growth add-on adds support for a range of SEO-focused work including the following:

  • SEO audits
  • Basic on-page optimization
  • Monthly white-labeled SEO reports
  • Competitor analysis
  • Google Analytics and Search Console setup
  • Rank tracking for 20 keywords
  • Keyword research

Note – this plan does not help with off-page SEO tasks such as link building.

The Growth add-on costs $97 per month per site.

Optimize Add-On

Optimize add-on

Lastly, the Optimize add-on adds support for full-service WordPress performance optimization including:

  • Caching
  • Site cleanup
  • File load structuring
  • Image optimization
  • Content delivery network (CDN) configuration
  • Code optimization
  • Other minor tweaks such as Gzip compression, disable XML-RPC, and so on
  • A white-labeled monthly performance report that you can deliver to clients

You also get an extra two hours per month for other website edits and bug fixes.

As with the Growth add-on, the Optimize add-on costs $97 per month per site.

For this one, I’m not quite sure about the value of monthly pricing since so much of performance optimization is a one-time thing, especially for brochure sites or other sites that aren’t constantly changing.

Still, if you want to never have to worry about a client’s site speed, you might find it worth the money to pay a monthly fee to always know a site is as fast as can be.

Additionally, if you do have a site where you or the client is regularly adding content, I can see the value of paying an ongoing fee to make sure all of that new content loads quickly as well.

How UnlimitedWP Works

Now that you have some background information, let’s talk about how UnlimitedWP will actually work on a day-to-day basis.

Basic Setup

To get started, you’ll sign up for one of the pricing plans that we discussed earlier.

Once you do that, you’ll get a welcome email that provides the login information you’ll need to access UnlimitedWP’s project management system, which uses TaskMe to handle task management.

You’ll also be assigned a dedicated project coordinator who will be your point of contact for all the tasks you assign.

Getting Help With Tasks

UnlimitedWP task dashboard

Once you’re set up with the project management system, you can start assigning tasks.

Each day, your project coordinator will assign your tasks to one of UnlimitedWP’s developers. Most of the time (~80%), your tasks will be assigned to the same developer, which helps you build continuity for your work.

However, for some specialized tasks, your project coordinator might assign the task to a different developer who’s better suited to that specific task.

At the end of the workday, your project coordinator will provide an update on each task that you’ve assigned, which always keeps you in the loop and helps you avoid communication and status issues.

Comments on task

To control the order of your tasks, you can use drag and drag to assign them a priority order. So you might want to have some tasks done ASAP while others can wait until the more pressing tasks are done.

You can also schedule a meeting with your project coordinator if you need to chat about a specific task or project.

You should note that UnlimitedWP will only work on one task at a time. So if one of your tasks is to build a complete website, you might have to wait for smaller tasks if you put them below the full website build in your priority queue.

For each task, you’ll always be able to see its status with different statuses including the following:

  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Testing
  • Awaiting feedback
  • Completed

You can also divide your tasks into different projects to stay organized:

UnlimitedWP projet list

Accepting/Receiving Work

When one of UnlimitedWP’s developers completes a task, there’s an internal quality assurance team that will review it.

Then, the task will show up as “Awaiting feedback” in your project management dashboard.

If you’re happy with the task, you can mark it as complete and leave a rating to provide feedback.

So far, UnlimitedWP is averaging a 4.92-star rating (out of 5) on over 10,000 completed tasks.

If you’d like something changed, you can also provide feedback and have things updated to your liking.

Other Notable Details for Full Website Builds

For full website builds, UnlimitedWP requests a kick-off call in addition to completing a project brief. Since a full website build is a much bigger time investment than a small task, it makes sense to provide some additional information to make sure everyone is on the same page before the work starts.

While building the site, your UnlimitedWP developer can work on their own staging server or they’re also happy to work on your agency’s staging server if preferred.

Once the site is completed, UnlimitedWP can also handle migrating the finished site to your client’s server.

Offload Your Agency’s WordPress Development Tasks

Overall, I think that UnlimitedWP has an interesting offering if you have an agency or are a freelancer building websites for clients.

There are other white-labeled maintenance services that are marketed towards agencies. However, most of those services just focus on basic maintenance, with maybe a couple of monthly development hours for small tasks that take less than an hour.

While UnlimitedWP can do that, I think the unique thing about this service is that UnlimitedWP can also handle larger tasks, even up to full website builds.

In terms of pricing, it’s quite affordable for WordPress development when you do the math, so the value is definitely there.

I’m not an agency so I can’t personally speak to the development work itself. However, UnlimitedWP did let us take a peek at some of the white-labeled sites they’ve built and they looked good to me.

They also showed good range – some were simple brochure sites, while others were custom content sites with custom fields and custom post types. Some were built with Elementor, while others were custom themes. And so on…

So, if you need a helping hand with your WordPress agency or freelance business, I think UnlimitedWP is a good option to look at.

If you want to learn more, click the button below to head to UnlimitedWP. In addition to browsing the site, you can also schedule a 30-minute call to learn more about how UnlimitedWP works:

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