Why it’s important to update your WordPress website

Why it's important to update your WordPress website

22% of WordPress sites are running on the latest version of WordPress.

WordPress maintenance and updates are often neglected by web designers which can be crucial for a websites online success.

WordPress typically releases updates to their core software every few months and much like updating software on your computer, this is important to ensure your website is running optimally.

Why it’s important to update your WordPress website

Most companies tend to neglect this as part of their regular website maintenance which can eventually lead to problems down the road.

Of course, running updates on WordPress can sometimes result in undesired results if themes or plugins are compatible with recent versions. This is why it’s important to follow a process when updating WordPress by making a backup of your site first and running all updates in a development environment or subfolder to avoid issues.

Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t put off your WordPress core updates.

1. Security updates & patches

Why it’s important to update your WordPress website

WordPress is open source software which means that hackers can study its code and figure out ways to exploit it. Hackers can easily inject malicious code into older versions of WordPress. This can lead to compromising a website or using your website for their own benefits including as spam and fraud. Updating WordPress can patch security holes to block hackers and bots.

2. New Features & functionality

Why it’s important to update your WordPress website



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