How to Fix WordPress Permalinks Not Working

How to Fix WordPress Permalinks Not Working

WordPress permalinks not working?

Unexpectedly running into a 404 error on some of your pages? 🥴 It’s a sign of broken permalinks.

Broken permalinks are a common WordPress issue. This particular issue often occurs after installing or updating a plugin, or a theme. Other causes include changes in the .htaccess file, migrating to a new domain or server, restoring backups, etc.

The good news is that broken permalinks can be fixed. 🔧

👉 In this article, we are going to first delve into their different causes and then show you a number of ways to fix the issue.

We recommend fixing the permalinks as soon as possible because broken permalinks affect bounce rates and search engine rankings. So, let’s get started.

Reasons why your permalink is not working

Permalinks are the permanent URLs of your WordPress website’s individual posts, pages, categories, tags, and files.

WordPress offers different permalink structures.

While most sites choose the post permalink structure, some sites like news websites are time sensitive and therefore pick month and day permalink structures.

Different types of WordPress permalink structures

It’s typically recommended to select one permalink structure and stick with it because changing it has a negative effect on your site’s SEO.

Likewise, completely broken permalinks also have a negative impact on your site’s SEO.

In the next section, ⏭️ we’ll show you how to fix broken permalinks. But first, let’s take a quick look at the reasons why your permalinks are not working:


Regularly updating the WordPress core, plugins, and themes is crucial to the security and performance of a WordPress website. Post-update conflicts are common among themes and plugins. Such conflicts lead to different types of errors. One such error is the broken permalink 404 error.

Installation of new plugins:

A new plugin may have modified the .htaccess file where your permalink settings are stored. This could have caused your permalinks to stop working.

Migration & Backup Restoration:

Migrating to a new server or domain can cause modification of the .htaccess file, which can result in broken permalinks. Restoration of backup can also cause the same issue.

No matter what the cause is, fixing the ‘WordPress permalink not working’ issue is pretty easy. 🤩 Let’s dive into the solutions.

How to fix the ‘WordPress permalinks not working’ issue

There are a number of ways to fix broken permalinks. You can reset your permalink settings, regenerate the .htaccess file, or find and delete the culprit plugin

We are going to walk you through each solution and we recommend that you try every solution until the problem is fixed on your site.

To fix broken permalinks,



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