4 WordPress Plugins for Python Coding

4 WordPress Plugins for Python Coding

It is no secret that WordPress is JavaScript & PHP friendly. What if you want to store and run Python code snippets on your website? These 4 WordPress plugins for Python can help:

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Snippets Block: lets you add code snippet blocks to your content. It supports C#, C++, PHP, Python, and other top programming languages.

4 WordPress Plugins for Python Coding 1

Create with Code: a neat plugin that lets you write, run, and debug Python code in your browser from create.withcode website. It comes with a simple shortcode for embedding and running your code.

4 WordPress Plugins for Python Coding 2

Code Snippet DM: a neat plugin to show code snippets in your content in a more professional matter. It comes with light and dark themes. You can customize theme, color, language, and other settings.

4 WordPress Plugins for Python Coding 3

PyPlugger for PyScript: this plugin adds a link to the PyScript stylesheet to the header and footer of your website. You will be able to run code without worrying about it breaking your website.

Have you found better WordPress plugins for sharing and running Python code? Please share them here.

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