14 Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

Best WordPress Store Locator Plugins

If your business has multiple locations, WordPress store locator plugins can prove to be useful additions to your website. Motel chains, gas stations, chain stores, beauty parlors can all benefit from adding store locator plugins. They help users find your business locations easily. These plugins rely on Google Maps for displaying locations. Consequently, you’ll be able to take advantage of Google Maps features as well, such as the different map views, geolocation and directions to reach the nearest store. Additionally, if you happen to provide any kind of directory services, these WordPress store locator plugins can help display the physical location for the listed services.

Let’s dive straight in (please note – these are in no particular order, just our top picks).

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1. MapSVG Store Locator

Create a stunning and customizable store locator map with the MapSVG plugin. This powerful and popular plugin includes thousands of map styles, customizable containers (for map menus, filter and details), and easy options that you can enable for visitors to your site. Add filters so users can sort by address, city, store type or any other custom field. Or add an option to search by distance, so they can see which stores are nearby!

Want to add more to your map locations? With the MapSVG Gallery add-on you can add a popover or details view gallery. Include thumbnails, images and sliders complete with touch friendly navigation. It’s a great way to enhance your location listings!

And if you’re a developer, you can certain extend or customize the plugin further using the built-in template, CSS and JS editors. Other notable plugin features include custom vector maps, clickable shapes, directory of listings, automatic map markers, and crossbrowser compatibility.

2. Mapify Pro

Mapify Pro

With Mapify you can create responsive store locator maps (or any maps really) using their advanced, yet easy to use, features. These include pinch, zoom and swipe functionality, mobile readiness, location galleries, customizable map tooltips, customizable location filters, unlimited map marker icons, front-end user submissions, custom image maps, map clusters, and translation support (via WPML). And these aren’t even all the features!

But for store location, perhaps two of the most important features is the ability to search by radius and for nearest locations. You can even link map locations to specific pages or third party sites – so if you want to link to your location’s Yelp page you can. Want to test Mapify out on your own site? Well, you can try it for free – just grab a copy of Mapify Lite to get started (keep mind it will not have all of the features



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