Why WPMU DEV’s Client Billing Is Better For Charging Clients Than Stripe’s Own Tools

Why WPMU DEV’s Client Billing Is Better For Charging Clients Than Stripe’s Own Tools

Is it better to manage client billing and Stripe payments using WPMU DEV’s Client Billing or use Stripe’s own payment tools? In this article, we compare apples with apples to help you decide which is the best client billing solution for your web development business.

If you’re only using Stripe for billing and invoicing your clients, you’re missing out on some epic billing features that will make life easier both for you, and your clients.

Because not only does our own Clients & Billing platform easily integrate with Stripe (and lets you connect existing products and clients in just a few clicks), it also takes your billing capabilities a step further, allowing you to:

  • Manage all aspects of billing and clients right from your WPMU DEV’s Hub.
  • Link invoices and subscriptions to site specific products or services.
  • Give your clients customized access to your own white label client portal, at your own domain, where they can access their account, sites, and make secure payments.
  • And more!

Overall, we guarantee that WPMU DEV’s Client Billing provides your web development business with the simpler and better solution for managing your client billing.

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Or read on for our complete pitch as to why we think Client Billing should be your only payment management tool.

We’ll explore every angle in this article, including:

Stripe Integration: Connect Clients and Products in a Few Clicks

We love Stripe. But…have you tried integrating it into your own site so it works as a fully-branded integrated payment solution?

It’s very confusing! You have to click through so many tabs and pages…

Aaargh…so much setup work just to get paid!

In contrast, getting started with our billing platform couldn’t be simpler.

All you have to do is connect to your existing Stripe account by following the setup wizard and in a couple of minutes your clients and products will be synced and fully accessible from your billing dashboard.

Follow the connection prompts and connect Stripe to our billing system in a matter of clicks.

From here you can quickly and easily add unlimited products, customize all client invoices, subscriptions, and emails in a couple of clicks, and add customers quick-smart.

The Hub's Clients & Billings screen.Your Clients & Billing dashboard…much simpler than Stripe’s!

You can also manage all of your clients, products, subscriptions, monitor recurring revenue, and more – all without having to leave your WPMU DEV dashboard.

The client management screen within your billing hubManage everything without leaving your WPMU Dashboard!

If you want a full breakdown on how to use the Clients & Billing section, please refer to our Clients & Billing tutorial and step-by-step documentation section.

No More “Powered By Stripe”- Invite Clients to Your Own Branded Client Portal!

One of the biggest benefits of using our billing system is that it allows you to invite clients to your own, fully-branded client portal.

Here they can:

  • Log into their accounts and view/edit basic billing details
  • Pay their invoices through a fully-integrated and secure checkout, hosted at your domain
  • Have customized access to the site you’ve developed for them, based on how much you want them to be able to view/edit.

It’s also super easy to set up.

1.Create and brand your client portal

Creating your own white label portal can be done with our Hub Client plugin, which is included free with any paid WPMU DEV membership.

In a nutshell, The Hub Client enables you to have an exact duplicate of WPMU DEV’s site management interface, which you can then brand and customize as your own.

See our Hub Client documentation section for instructions on setting up your client portal.

Note: Branding your client portal is optional and you can use the default (unbranded) client portal as is. You may not even want to give clients access to it. Either of these options will further reduce your client billing setup time.

2.Create a custom role for your client

Next you can create a custom role for your client which will restrict/allow them access to various areas of your portal, based on your clients needs.

Create new client roles from your billing dashboardCreate new client roles from your billing dashboard.

You have three basic role types to choose from:

  1. Access Billing Only – Gives your client standard access to their billing account where they can view and edit basic account info, view upcoming payments, and pay invoices.
  2. View All & Access Billing – Allows the client to view everything related to the site they’ve created – they cannot edit or take action on anything. They also have full billing access.
  3. Edit All & Access Billing – Enables complete view and edit access to everything you’ve created for your client, full billing access included.

Aside from the three default role types, you can also create a fully customized role that shows or hides various areas of your portal. Learn more about user role types in our documentation.

A screen showing different role customization optionsAssign clients fully-customized roles based on their needs.

3.Invite your client to login to your new portal

When you’ve decided on the access you’d like to give your client and created a role, you’re ready to send them an invite to your client area.

From your billing dashboard it’s as easy as selecting add new client, filling out some basic details about the client (as well as the role you’ve given them), and sending the invite off to their email.

Once the invite is received they can now log in and access their billing account. Including personal info, upcoming payments, and any other areas of your dashboard that you’ve given them custom access to.

Your custom login screenYour clients will access their billing details via your customized login screen.

They’ll also be able to pay invoices and go through your own white label checkout, which we’ll cover… Now!

Allow Clients to Pay Invoices Via Your Own Branded Checkout, Hosted on Your Own Site

When it comes time to pay invoices, your client can pay from inside your portal or directly from the email you send them.

So rather than be taken to a third-party portal, which isn’t hosted on your own domain and isn’t white labeled…

Powered by StripePowered by … not you!

They’ll instead be taken to your own fully-branded, fully secure payments checkout, hosted directly on your site.

WPMU DEV Client Billing Payment PagesEverything the client sees here belongs to you!

From the moment your client signs with you until they click on that “I want to pay you” button, they will only experience and interact with your brand.

Client Billing payment page.There are no distracting links pointing your clients to anywhere else but that “Pay” button!

Even the client portal is branded with your own URL… At no additional cost!

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