Why WPMU DEV’s Client Billing Is Better For Charging Clients Than Stripe’s Own Tools

Why WPMU DEV’s Client Billing Is Better For Charging Clients Than Stripe’s Own Tools

Is it better to manage client billing and Stripe payments using WPMU DEV’s Client Billing or use Stripe’s own payment tools? In this article, we compare apples with apples to help you decide which is the best client billing solution for your web development business.

If you’re only using Stripe for billing and invoicing your clients, you’re missing out on some epic billing features that will make life easier both for you, and your clients.

Because not only does our own Clients & Billing platform easily integrate with Stripe (and lets you connect existing products and clients in just a few clicks), it also takes your billing capabilities a step further, allowing you to:

  • Manage all aspects of billing and clients right from your WPMU DEV’s Hub.
  • Link invoices and subscriptions to site specific products or services.
  • Give your clients customized access to your own white label client portal, at your own domain, where they can access their account, sites, and make secure payments.
  • And more!

Overall, we guarantee that WPMU DEV’s Client Billing provides your web development business with the simpler and better solution for managing your client billing.

Already sold? Then test-drive Client Billing for free!

Or read on for our complete pitch as to why we think Client Billing should be your only payment management tool.

We’ll explore every angle in this article, including:

Stripe Integration: Connect Clients and Products in a Few Clicks

We love Stripe. But…have you tried integrating it into your own site so it works as a fully-branded integrated payment solution?

It’s very confusing! You have to click through so many tabs and pages…

Aaargh…so much setup work just to get paid!

In contrast, getting started with our billing platform couldn’t be simpler.

All you have to do is connect to your existing Stripe account by following the setup wizard and in a couple of minutes your clients and products will be synced and fully accessible from your billing dashboard.

Follow the connection prompts and connect Stripe to our billing system in a matter of clicks.

From here you can quickly and easily add unlimited products, customize all client invoices, subscriptions, and emails in a couple of clicks, and add customers quick-smart.

The Hub's Clients & Billings screen.Your Clients & Billing dashboard…much simpler than Stripe’s!

You can also manage all of your clients,



This article was written by Martin Aranovitch and originally published on WPMU DEV Blog.

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