How To Add FAQ Rich Snippets To WordPress (1 Simple Plugin)

How To Add FAQ Rich Snippets To WordPress (1 Simple Plugin)

Google announced they are now supporting FAQ structured data.

This means you can add FAQ sections to your snippets, making you pop!

We will be using the same plugin Neil Patel uses which is the Structured Content plugin. To my knowledge, this is the only tutorial that doesn’t use a janky FAQ code generator, while walking you through the process step-by-step. The best part – it only takes roughly 5 minutes per page.

Google has guidelines for adding FAQ rich snippets, like making sure all FAQ content is visible to your users, avoiding advertising, and not allowing users to submit alternative answers.

I would definitely read up on those.

What Are FAQ Rich Snippets?
FAQ rich snippets require an FAQ section on your page/post containing a list of questions and answers. When marked up properly, these can appear as a rich result in search results and in Google Assistant. This, in turn, can make you stand out while increasing click-through rates.

Here’s how to get them:


1. Install The Structured Content Plugin

I know this plugin has only a few reviews, but hear me out.

In Neil Patel’s Master Call YouTube video, he shows you how to add FAQ rich snippets.

The problem is, he doesn’t tell you which plugin he’s using. Luckily, my buddy Cole from Revealize filled me in. It’s the Structured Content plugin which has very little reviews, but works like a dream. I use it on my own WordPress website and it literally couldn’t be easier. Check the frequently asked questions section of this article to see an example of this plugin.

Structured Content JSON-LD wpsc – WordPress plugin


2. Add FAQs To Pages

Step 1: Install the Structured Content Plugin.

Step 2: Edit a page or post.

Step 3. Click the FAQ dropdown in the WYSIWYG editor.

Multi FAQ



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