How To Add Schema To WordPress (With And Without Plugins)

How To Add Schema To WordPress (With And Without Plugins)

How you add schema to WordPress completely depends on which method you choose.

There are a handful of free schema plugins, but they’re usually not maintained well and only support one schema type. Structured Content (FAQs) and WP Recipe Maker (recipes) are two free schema plugins that are decent. You can also add schema manually using Google’s Data Highlighter Tool. Otherwise, you’ll need a premium plugin that is maintained well and supports most major schema types. Rank Math Pro + Schema Pro are two paid schema plugins I stand by.


1. Choose Your Schema Types

You need to learn which schema types you want to add to WordPress so you can choose a plugin that supports it. Below are common schema types, but you can see a more complete list here. Keep in mind, Google usually requires you to show the schema content on the page/post.

Review – there is no general “review” schema anymore. Instead, you have to review a software application (what I use), restaurant, movie, store, or another type of review schema. That’s why most schema plugins don’t have a simple “review” option anymore. In the technology (and WordPress) field, you’ll likely use software application instead. This shows review stars and is very helpful if you write a bad review since all the other affiliates will probably write a good one.

FAQ – adds “frequently asked questions” to your search results. Google can show up to 3 objective-based FAQs, but it’s up to them whether they show these (and which FAQs they show). Google has cracked down on FAQ schema, so make sure information in the FAQs are factual and not salesy. FAQs can also appear as featured snippets and meta descriptions. You can use Answer The Public to find question keywords and the Structured Content plugin which only supports FAQ schema. Or Rank Math Pro, Schema Pro, Yoast, and SEOPress support FAQs.

FAQ Google Snippets

Product – for eCommerce websites to show a product’s rating, number of reviews, price, in stock vs. out of stock, and other fields. You can markup your products with Rank Math Pro’s WooCommerce module, Schema Pro, or Yoast has a WooCommerce SEO plugin for $69/year.

Product Schema

Video – if you embed YouTube video, this marks them up to show in Google’s Video search. I really like Rank Math Pro for this because it detects video and adds the schema



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