25 Best Business Website Builders

25 Best Business Website Builders 2022

You came this far to finally pick from the list of the best business website builders and get your name out there.

Without a proper online appearance, you will not reach the same success you want with your business. A website is a solid marketing tool you can fully manage and maintain without hiring a coder.

But how?

These best business website builders are equipped with a simple-to-use drag-and-drop system that everyone can employ. You drag the content around, change parameters, add new features and delete existing ones. Additionally, each site editor comes with a set of modern, mobile-ready, and highly optimized templates. Choose the one that suits your business needs best or even build one from “scratch,” starting with a blank canvas.

With a cutting-edge, curiosity sparking, fast loading, and flexible website, you can drive your business and grow it to the next level. You will look professional from the start, even without website development skills, thanks to your preferred business website builder.

Top Business Website Builders


When surfing the web, doing whatever, you probably already stumbled across WIX. If not the actual page, then it was surely an advertisement. No doubt, WIX is a hot product at the moment. In other words, it is one of the best business website builders currently available. With WIX, you can create innovative, cool, trendy and pro-level pages without sweat. Indeed, it is that easy. After you pick the predesigned template that best resonates with you, finalizing your web space takes very little time.

WIX allows you to create just about any type of business website you would like. Whether an agency, a law firm, a construction company or an eCommerce platform, WIX can do it all. After you sign up for the service, you pick which type of page you would like to build answer a set of questions, and it is WIX’s artificial design intelligence wizard will bring up the best web design for you. Edit and improve it, and you are ready for the publish. As you noticed, I never mentioned any coding because none is required.

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shopify best business website builder

With over a million users and 600,000 businesses worldwide, Shopify keeps its reputation on an all-time high. It only shows that Shopify is the best business website builder, exclusive for eCommerce platforms. The software provides versatility, accessibility, and functionality in just a few clicks. In short, Shopify is a reliable online tool, a builder that enables you to sell wherever you are or whatever platform you use — not to mention, whatever product you intend to sell.

Choose from more than a hundred professional themes, each with irresistible settings for easy customization. Focus functions of Shopify include analytics, SEO optimization, blog, and a complete shopping experience. You can implement many plugins and extensions into your eCommerce page to boost its presence and grow your business. Give Shopify a try for 14 days, free of charge. There is no risk and credit card required.

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Zyro Business Website Builder

zyro website builder for businesses

With Zyro, you can create your business website in little to no time. Instead of undergoing the tedious coding process or paying a large sum to a professional, start with Zyro now. You will learn on the fly since this website building software is user-friendly and beginner-friendly. In addition, you can always reach out to the friendly support team for any help and assistance you may need.

After you create an account and pick the plan, choose the predefined template that resonates with you best. From there, you can fully modify the default settings and tailor the design to your liking. Your website will be high-performing across all devices and web browsers. Zyro also promises SEO optimization so you can score a higher ranking in search engines.

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25 Best Business Website Builders 2022 1

When working with Weebly, you first decide whether to start an online store or craft a basic page. This best business website builder is fully equipped with all the necessary features, elements, templates, and other goodies to take your idea to the next level. Or even if you are already running a business, with Weebly, you can quickly redesign your entire online appearance and make it of the highest quality.

You also need to know that with Weebly, you can launch a completely new page as of today. Tomorrow, well, is already the day that you can start driving in fresh business. Notice that Weebly also has a collection of marketing tools that will, in combination with your input, help you grow.

Pick an appropriate template and utilize the convenient drag-and-drop page builder to refine the look further. Another outstanding feature of Weebly is managing your website directly from your smartphone using the Weebly mobile app.

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squarespace best business website builder

If my words do not do the trick, though, believe me, you will understand the hype once you start examining Squarespace in great detail. As the official saying goes, Squarespace is all you need to market yourself, build a website, and even sell yourself. As an addition, Squarespace also comes with a selection of features that will measure your success and track your site’s performance. You see, Squarespace truly is the best business website builder out there. Even a ton of famous individuals use Squarespace for their pages. Are you convinced yet?

Squarespace includes countless templates, of which each comes with hundreds of customizable features. You can choose templates in different categories, like online stores, creative services, food, health, fitness, home and wedding. This way, it ensures you to construct the exact website that you want for your business. While you certainly will not come across a single issue making your page with Squarespace, you can still hit up their friendly support team and they will be excited to assist you.

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ukit best business website builder

uKit sounds very professional, right? It sure is one of the best business website builders out there, so a name like that is more than appropriate. As complicated as all these may sound to you at first glance, it is far from it. And knowing that you can do a page all by yourself tells you more than enough. Yes, uKit is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder with hundreds of pre-made designs and loads more assets. It covers 38 different categories with over 350 templates which you can have access to in full.

With the uKit builder, you can instantly create the desired business website. Utilize available typography or choose custom ones, change colors that fit and make your web space follow your branding. Also, feel free to introduce personalized customization tweaks. You do not need to worry about mobile friendliness and other tech features; uKit follows all the latest trends to ensure your page works smoothly.

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WPBakery Website Builder

wpbakery best business website builder

WPBakery (ex Visual Composer) is an advanced page builder for WordPress users. It integrates with any theme and gives you all the rights to customize your page precisely how you want. It is a front- and back-end business website builder that beginners and pros will find great use. Speaking of beginners especially, you do not need to know how to code; WPBakery is a drag-and-drop site editor that hides the code and offers you a fun way of building your neat web space. And it will only take you a few minutes to complete it.

With millions of users and counting, you know WPBakery is doing something right. It continues pushing the boundaries, to deliver the best possible product to all its existing and future users. WPBakery includes a large template library, incorporates a built-in skin builder, provides A1 support, and ensures that all your pages are responsive and mobile-ready. Since features are nearly too many to list all here, mentioning only a few will be the right thing to do.

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mobirise best business website builder

You will shine online with a website you are about to construct with the help of one of the best business website builders, Mobirise. As the name suggests, Mobirise emphasizes mobile usage, focusing on high-class responsiveness and flexibility. In other words, regardless of the page you will build with Mobirise, the end product will work fluently on smartphones, tablets and up to desktop computers. Regarding the technical part and modern web trends, Mobirise follows them all for your convenience.

While Mobirise is great for all users, it is a great fit for everyone new to it. And you could be so green that you have not even put together a page yet. It does not matter where you are at with your experience; Mobirise is here to assist you at appearing as pro as possible on the web, even if you are not.

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Cabanova Business Website Builder

cabanova business website builder

Turning your idea into reality happens in a breeze with the right tools and equipment at your fingertips. If you are in need to create a business website, Cabanova is one fine builder that will help hammer it out for you. First and foremost, there is no need for you to know any technical stuff when it comes to building pages. For instance, there will never be any coding involved. Pretty cool, huh? Moreover, even if you lack design skills, no biggie; Cabanova will sort that out, too.

With Cabanova and a little imagination, you will have a full-blown business website up in a few. The tool contains well over 300 predefined templates, all of which are entirely customizable. Moreover, all Cabanova creations are also touch-friendly, responsive, optimized for search engines and high performing. However, if you find a design that suits you best out of the box, by all means, utilize it exactly as is.

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weblium business website builder

Weblium is one of the best business website builders money could buy. You do not need money to use Weblium. Indeed, it comes with a free plan that will help you test the waters and just see how powerful the software is first hand. It even comes with predefined templates and artificial intelligence, helping you speed things up rapidly. Creating a website from start to finish is a piece of cake with Weblium.

Moreover, Weblium is excellent for individuals who like to build a page for their projects or agencies working on websites for clients. There is also a done-for-you option, where you let Weblium experts make you a business website. There are many possibilities, so make sure you take a peek at Weblium and see what’s possible.

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Vistaprint Website Builder

vistaprint business website builder

Vistaprint is an excellent business website builder that easily adjusts your needs and regulations. It is you who creates the look and the style, Vistaprint is just a powerful base that makes it happen. Without having any prior experience, Vistaprint allows you to get as creative as you would like. Even if establishing a website is something you are about to do for the first time, with Vistaprint, it will feel like you are already a master at it. Yes, it is that easy and comfortable.

Set up each section of the website your way and customize the layout to your likings. Rearrange blocks, modify the presentation, and brand the theme accordingly, all this and more is possible with Vistaprint. Thanks to the block structure, getting the most out of Vistaprint will be a piece of cake. And you also do not need to worry about any modern stuff, like mobile readiness, retina-friendliness and cross-browser compatibility, Vistaprint has it all under control already.

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ionos business website builder

1&1 IONOS has it all up for grabs for you, from the website builder to hosting your pages on the web. You can complete creating a fully functional website that can start attracting new clients right away in barely any time. It is easy, beginner-friendly, and quick, building and making moves on the internet with 1&1 IONOS. There are also multiple ready-to-use layouts at your disposal that will elevate your inspiration. Of course, you can improve all the designs further and make them yours without a hitch.

Due to the drag and drop technology, you will find yourself a professional web developer even if you have never done anything similar before. On top of that, it is a guarantee that all 1&1 IONOS business websites will flawlessly adapt to handheld and desktop devices and modern web browsers. Other goodies include email marketing, SSL certificate, search engine optimization, and back-ups. Get involved and take your business to a whole new degree with 1&1 IONOS.

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tilda best business website builder

Create quality content as easy as 1 2 3 with Tilda. As the best business website builder on the market, Tilda is loaded with groundbreaking features. No experience in coding and design? Well, this editor does all the work for you so no worries. You only need your concept and a few minutes then the rest will be complete. Tilda even comes with predesigned templates, so you truly need to invest barely any work from your end. Every template is made to combine sophistication and functionality, creating a professional website that does not fail to impress.

With more than 450 preset blocks to choose from, you will find the winning design combo for your unique ideas. Besides, you can also develop custom blocks to fit your industry precisely. Tilda is content-driven, so expect high-quality typography and a cutting-edge way of delivering your visuals to the end-user. Wow all your guests with a striking, clean, and first-class web space.

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ucraft best business website builder

Crafting websites is easy. Building pages for any niche is quick. Establishing a top-notch web space for your company is effortless. I could go on and on with this. I only try to show you that doing something remarkable on the internet is not that hard anymore.

In the modern era, we live in, it is simpler than ever, setting up a page. Thanks to Ucraft, one of the best business website builders, you can now do it, too. It is just the fact that Ucraft has a very beginner-friendly interface which you will have a ton of fun using. Just start, and all the rest will somehow turn out to feel very natural to you.

Along with the many templates Ucraft has in store for you, you can modify the layout however you fancy with the drag and drop builder. It can be complicated or simple and clean, whatever approach you would like to take, Ucraft is here to realize it for you.

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Jimdo Business Website Builder

jimdo best business website builder

Jimdo is two products in one service with countless additional features and assets. In brief, it is the best business website builder for all companies, firms, agencies, studios, and the like. Even for simple things like online portfolios, Jimdo is here to make it happen for you. Speaking of two products, Jimdo comes with Dolphin and Creator. With these two features alone, Jimdo covers all types of users despite their experience level.

Let’s chat about Dolphin first. With this option, you can develop a page in just three minutes. Yes, 3! Dolphin is this cool virtual creature who assists you on your journey, step by step. It first asks you a few questions about yourself and your business and then sets up a page for you. You need to edit content and text from then onwards, you are ready to roll.

As for the Creator option, you likely get the gist of it only by reading the name. Yes, you build a fresh page all by yourself. And you can add a blog and an online store as well.

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readymag best business website builder

Even if you are in a business that has nothing to do with site development, you can still create a page. You need to be no expert, heck, you need to have zero skills and still crush it. How intriguing does that sound? Here we have Readymag, a business website builder for publications.

Readymag is exclusive to putting together online magazines, portfolios, and web presentations for your agencies and studios. While you continue to focus on your main work, instead of going on a coffee break, you can invest that time in building a page with Readymag. Almost certainly, it will take you only one coffee break.

With Readymag, you get to choose whether you would like to start with a blank page or you would like to speed things up with a ready-to-use template. Pick accordingly and have a refreshing page up shortly after.

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simvoly best business website builder

Ensure a seamless user experience by teaming up with Simvoly for your business. Upon partnering with 39 countries, it is safe to say that Simvoly is the best business website builder around. It utilizes a white label program to craft your brand speedily and almost automated. You can even target a particular market and reuse designs at your disposal. Avail of the fourteen-day free and no-risk trial to discover how this editor works its wonders.

With Simvoly, all pages are responsive on all devices, so the aesthetic value will never be an issue. Simply drag and drop blocks instead of writing a bunch of complicated code. Isn’t that easy? You will not need to do any wizardry stuff behind the scenes. With Simvoly, it is all very straightforward and simplistic. Make high-converting, smooth, high-end landing pages, full websites, and online stores with Simvoly.

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strikingly best business website builder

If you have thirty minutes, then you have a website. With just half an hour to spare in creating a perfect website and Strikingly as your go-to tool, you can make it happen. It is the best business website builder featured in many top online publications. Offering the fundamentals in web building and more, it’s no wonder why millions of customers have favored strikingly. Quickly build a website with extensive eCommerce functionality without a transaction fee.

Track leads or visitors with analytic charts that are easy to understand. Update everyone with your fresh and compelling blog posts or share them via social media. The best part is getting your domain name to start your website immediately. Again, it’s only 30 minutes you need to invest, and voila, you have a live company page.

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SiteBuilder Website Builder

sitebuilder best business website builder

Get a jump start with your website by trying out SiteBuilder. Freedom and functionality are two qualities that make SiteBuilder the best website builder ever. It always comes down to the basics. If a service has a solid foundation, you know a bright future ahead of it. It also applies to your business and your business page. SiteBuilder is very generous when equipping you with the needed material for your successful site launch. Not only do you get a domain name, but you also get to host your page for free.

In the bundle of several predesigned templates, select the one that suits your liking best. Later, you can even personalize it according to your theme and concept with the handy drag and drop editor. With the analytics tools, you can increase engagement with your prospects by knowing what they do when they land on your website. Have your entire web space under total control with SiteBuilder.

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yola best business website builder

If you are looking for a builder you could use long-term, then Yola is for you. Being the best business website builder is quite an overstatement. However, it holds true, thanks to the millions of users who have tried Yola. Pure technicality is so old school nowadays, especially in the web design industry. Everyone wants an easy, convenient and pliable companion which saves time and money. With Yola, you can achieve this goal and even get more out of it to continuously improve your site.

Publishing your website is just the first step in creating and establishing your brand on the web. Consistency is necessary to ensure success and Yola packages include site statistics to lend a hand. By knowing what is happening on your page, you can further polish your web presence and it is Yola will help you make tweaks in a snap. You better get your word out there as soon as possible and see the change.

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duda best business website builder

Fun fact: Did you know that Duda creates a new website every seventeen seconds? That is not a typo, that is 17! That’s how this best business website builder has managed to make over twelve million sites. It is also kinda addictive watching the number grow with each site refresh. Not that I say you should do it since your new page is way more important.

Duda is suitable for agencies, publishers, and hosting companies, mainly focusing on team collaboration and client management. Duda makes it all happen with the practical builder you can employ without a hassle. It will happen very quickly. Fully responsive, your customers can easily view content on their smartphones and tablets. Not only is the process fast, but the loading speed as well. Duda’s pages are optimized to gain more SEO hits, too. There are all the features you need in one location for your comfortability.

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site123 best business website builder

It is all in the name; with SITE123, you can publish content on your fresh website in just three simple steps. Simplicity is the key to success. This is one of the best business website builders you can find, as it does more than just the drag and drop. Content is king with this page editor, so it strongly emphasizes content management and website structure. SITE123 is very intuitive, mobile-friendly, and responsive. You and your potential clients will appreciate your page from all devices. With SITE123, you also get free domain registration and hosting to launch your brand within one place.

By utilizing SITE123, you can create agency and corporate websites and eCommerce pages. Optimize your page with the help of the included SEO tools and push your products and services to a new degree. And if you need any extra help, hit up SITE123’s 24/7 live support.

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Voog Business Website Builder

voog best business website builder

You need to have a creative background to execute a slick site. At least that is what they were telling you up until this time. With Voog, the best business website builder, you can manage to get that out of the way. Establish a sophisticated, out-of-the-box website from scratch with no coding, technical background, or design experience.

With Voog, everyone will think you are a pro, as it does all the work for you. All you need to do is choose from the extensive collection of files, drag and drop those files, then ta-da! You just got yourself a responsive website that is, by the way, fully operational. Vog is adored by designers and developers worldwide, Voog guarantees you can enjoy the same experience. You can start seeing what Voog has in store for free first and then move forward. Create websites of all niches, online shops of all calibers and blogs of all topics almost instantaneously.

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volusion best business website builder

Designing a website is an art, and it is only ideal to have it your way to embody your ideas even better. With Volusion, you can achieve this goal. You seriously can! Potentially the best business website builder in the market, Volusion is the newest trendy concept for eCommerce businesses. You can now hammer out a quick and easy online store to sell your products with a unique and professional touch.

Volusion boasts eCommerce features such as inventory management and payment collection. Looking fantastic on retina devices, you can stand out from the online crowd and attract a horde of shoppers. Volusion ensures that your page will still look awesome and perform at the highest level whatever gadget they use.

You can select a free or premium pre-made theme and secure yourself a quick start of your web business. From then on, do your thing, enhance the web design of choice and enter the industry with a bang.

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IM Creator Website Builder

im creator best business website builder

You become the creator with IM Creator, it is simple as that. You become one of those even if you lack coding and design knowledge. To be frank, you do not need to have any experience at all. IM Creator is one of the best business website builders to naturally make you a page developer. And if that is hard to believe, you can try it out for free and see it happen. When it comes to types of sites, with IM Creator, you go after all. If it is a blog, an eCommerce page, an agency site, you name it, IM Creator is here to please your needs and ideas.

IM Creator is software with all the right components, features, and superb usability that every page builder requires. It also applies modern web and tech trends to ensure your pages operate seamlessly and deliver the best possible experience.

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