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5 Best Plugins to Accept Donations with WordPress

Sometimes you may need to set up a payment gateway to get paid online by a casual paying or donation. Without using a plugin, the entire process of getting paid online isn’t easy in WordPress. In the field of digital technology, a majority of products are available for free on the web. So, to give reward and inspiration to the contributor of these products, the donation could be a great way to support them.

Moreover, most of the non-profit organizations, charities, developers, and bloggers are get paid by having a donation from various sources. By default, WordPress doesn’t accept any payment but integrating a quality payment plugin can do a lot in this respect.

Why Accept Donations?

There are various reasons for getting paid by donation. Adding a donation button can be a great source of raising funds for the different non-profit organizations, charities, bloggers, and developers as well. And it’s a good alternative to crowdfunding with WordPress.

Suppose, you are if you run a charity or non-profit organization, you need to raise the fund for executing different projects. If you are a developer and offering free products, you can raise your fund using a donation button on your website to get inspiration to do more stuff or if you are a blogger and you are running a number of websites that are providing free stuff, you also can do so in this regard.

Sometimes, donors also prefer to donate online instead of sending checks in the mail or in cash. Paying donation online kind of hassle-free, straight forward, and quick, that’s why they prefer to pay online. Moreover, an online donation can reduce fundraising cost that attracts more supporters. In these days, the fast, secure and convenient donation is desired by everyone. That’s why WordPress plugin for donation comes into place to fill up the gap.

Choosing a WordPress Donation Plugin

As I said earlier – WordPress doesn’t provide any default option to receive payments. That’s where plugins come in. Once you’ve built your blog, business or nonprofit website all you need is to install a plugin to add donation forms to your site. WordPress donation plugins can be easily installed and used to receive payments from donors. But the problem arises when you want to choose the right plugin for serving your purposes.

There are tons of WordPress donation plugins out there in the market, it’s very difficult for any individual to choose one from the rest. In this article, I will cover 5 of the best WordPress donation plugins. Hopefully this summary of features will help you to choose the right one.

Most of the plugins below utilize PayPal to accept donations, so before getting started you should take the time to educate yourself about how PayPal for nonprofits works (this guide by JotForm has everything you need to know).

To get a hassle-free donation process you can have one of the plugins from the list below.



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