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As a digital or web design agency, you’re in the business of helping other businesses meet their goals. Part of that is providing a reliable hosting package, so each of their websites is able to perform well for visitors.

Unfortunately, you want to take on more clients, but you’re already overwhelmed by managing the websites you have on your plate. And while you want your clients to do well, you’re nervous about what will happen if one of their sites goes viral. If you host WordPress sites, will your provider be able to handle all that traffic?

If you can’t answer these questions, your agency may never have the opportunity to grow. Here’s the good news – if you’ve never considered managed WordPress hosting before, it could be the solution to your problems. There are a lot of benefits when you host WordPress sites for your clients:

  • More control over the user experience (UX), including the theme, plugins, and copy.
  • Client websites will perform better, even if they go viral and get a ton of traffic.
  • Clients can turn their websites into bona fide businesses thanks to your

Here are six reasons to host WordPress sites for your clients:

1. Passive Income Streams

Let’s say you build a website for a client, and you provide them hosting as part of the package. Since you rely on managed WordPress hosting, you don’t have to do much work at all to ensure their website continues to run efficiently. The client pays you each month to ensure their website is always up to par, which requires little work on your end. Everyone wins.

2. Track Traffic and Enhance Websites

There are many ways to track the traffic that your clients’ websites are getting, especially with advanced plugins and third-party tools. Then, you can enhance the sites based on that insight. You won’t just host WordPress sites, but you’ll also make them more successful for your clients.

3. Offer Proactive Support

Offer Proactive Support

When you host WordPress sites and work with a managed hosting provider, you can get superior, expert support. Furthermore, WordPress is so popular that there are all sorts of communities, forums, and websites dedicated to making the most out of it.

4. Keep Your Clients’ Websites “Sticky”

It’s easy to create sticky elements with WordPress. That means that elements like buttons, content blocks, and navigation menus will stay on the page even as the user scrolls up or down. This is a great option for landing pages and websites that want to strongly encourage lead generation or sales.

5. Sell Additional Services

WordPress has so many options when it comes to integrations and expansions. For example, you can integrate marketing tools, then offer marketing management services to clients. You can also create staging areas to show sample websites before making them live. There is endless cross- and up-sell possibilities – you can do so much more than just host WordPress sites.

6. Beat the Competition

Beat the Competition

When you host WordPress sites, it’s easier for your clients to go up against their competitors. There’s so much you can do with a WordPress site, and it’s hard to find all of those features in another website building platform. Even if you do, your host may not have expert-level knowledge when it comes to that builder.

What Are the Different Types of Hosting?

When it comes to choosing how to host WordPress sites, there seem to be a lot of subcategories. Here’s an overview of the different types of hosting to consider:

Dedicated Server Hosting

You have total control over the server because your site is the only one stored on the server. People opt for this if they have high traffic and the time and expertise it takes to manage a server. However, when it’s your job to host WordPress sites for multiple clients, this may be too time-consuming.

Shared Hosting

Server Room

Your website is stored on the same server as several other sites, and all resources are shared. What happens on one site can impact others. For example, if one site gets a ton of traffic all of a sudden, the performance of your site can slow down.

Managed Hosting

Your hosting provider covers all of the technical services for both the hardware and software. Day-to-day website maintenance is handled for you. When you have a managed hosting provider that caters to your specific needs – like WordPress hosting – you’ll get specialized care.

What Should You Look for in a WordPress Host?

Reliable WP Host

Here are the must-haves when shopping around for where to host WordPress sites:

  • Performance: The more optimized your site, the more traffic it will get. Your provider should do things like update websites to the latest PHP version and use containers to keep your site fast, no matter how much traffic it gets.
  • Access: Even if you trust your hosting provider to handle pretty much everything, you should still be able to easily access the control panel.
  • Cost: When you choose a provider to host WordPress sites, they must be in your price range. A quality host will work with you to choose or create the best package for your size business and needs.
  • Scalability: If any website gets a sudden influx of traffic, your host should immediately scale up. Then, when traffic goes back to normal, it should auto-scale back.
  • Support: Check out when customer support is available, the different ways they can be reached, and how much help they offer based on your hosting package.

Running websites and finding a place to host WordPress sites is important, and you’ll need a reliable partner. You’ll definitely want a provider that specializes in the WordPress framework. Everything they do will be to optimize the type of websites, you host.

Hosting done well means happy clients and increased revenue. Poor hosting, on the other hand, is damaging to your agency, reputation, and your clients’ businesses. Maintain fruitful customer relationships by teaming up with a professional hosting provider.


Book your free demo of Convesio today – you’ll be confident enough to host WordPress sites for all your clients.

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