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How to Change Hosting Providers for Your WordPress Site (In 6 Steps) - WP Mayor

Behind every secure, successful WordPress site is a strong hosting plan. However, it’s possible the solution you originally chose for your website is no longer sufficient for your business’ growing needs. When this happens, you may find yourself wondering how to change hosting providers.

Whether you want to upgrade from shared to dedicated hosting, need more security or storage features, or are driven by another incentive, switching providers can help you meet your goals. Making sure you execute the migration properly, though, is critical for preventing data loss and downtime.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons for switching hosting providers for your WordPress website. Then, we’ll walk you through how to go about it in six simple steps. Let’s get started!

Common Reasons to Change Hosting Providers

Your hosting provider plays a crucial role in the performance of your WordPress site. Unfortunately, not all web hosts are created equally.

Although your current plan may have once met your budget and traffic needs, things change. As with many site owners, you may find that, over time, switching providers is your best option.

There are many reasons for (and benefits of) changing your hosting provider. The most common and obvious one is to achieve better, faster performance.

If your site takes more than a second or two to load, it might be attributed to your host’s lack of sufficient hardware or poor server configuration. Similarly, if you’re regularly paying monthly fees for additional bandwidth usage, it’s probably time to look for a plan better suited to keep up with your traffic growth.

Between advanced security measures and speed features such as built-in Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), some web hosts offer tools that simply make shelling out a few extra bucks a month a no-brainer. Finding a WordPress hosting provider that stays updated with the latest trends and technology, offers ongoing and accessible support, and delivers a positive user experience is well worth the investment.

At the end of the day, the best way to help your website succeed is to find a hosting provider you can rely on. Plus, the migration process is easier than you might realize.

How to Change Your Hosting Provider for Your WordPress Site (In 6 Steps)

Here, we’re going to walk you through the basic steps of how to change your hosting provider for a WordPress site. However, keep in mind that the process can vary by host. For example, some providers, such as Kinsta, offer free migration with their plans while others, such as SiteGround, come with a free migrator plugin. These options can be particularly useful if you’re not comfortable handling your website’s files and server configuration.

Step 1: Choose Your New Hosting Provider

Of course, before you actually move your site, you need to first decide where you’ll be moving it to.



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