How Cloudways Bolstered Shay Toder’s (WebSpeed Optimization Guru) Workflow

How Cloudways Bolstered Shay Toder’s (Web-Speed Optimization Guru) Workflow

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From hosting my first website on a popular shared hosting (yes, I know) through winning 1st place in a worldwide WordPress Performance Contest in 2019 to launching the most comprehensive course on “How to improve page speed”, this is my journey in the web-page speed optimization niche.

Table of content:

  1. About me and how I got to this niche
  2. My bad experience with a few hosting companies
  3. My first hosting comparison
  4. Winning 1st place in the WordPress Performance Contest 2019
  5. My course on “How to improve page speed”

About Me and How I Got into This Niche

Shay Toder’s

My name is Shay Toder, and I’m a Website Speed Optimization Expert.

Since 2006 I have been a SQL DBA (Database Administrator), and the thing I love most is taking a process that typically requires 30 hours and improving it to 3 minutes, or taking a 60-second query and improving it to 0.1 seconds.

So, when I wanted to start an online business, it was only natural for me to merge my passion for improving website performance and processes, and about two years ago, I launched my blog in this niche.

My Poor Experience With Previous Hosting Companies


At that time, I already had a website hosted, a hosting company recommended by many eager affiliates.

From the get-go, this notorious hosting was noticeably slow!

I kept searching for better hosting and kept reading reviews. Then I decided to move my site to another recommended hosting provider by the WordPress official, but I wasn’t pleased with two things: first, the speed was still not adequate for me, and second—their staging server didn’t support gzip compression. These turned out to be a disadvantage for me because I wanted to do speed tests on that server, and it distorted my testing results.

My First Hosting ComparisonHow Cloudways Bolstered Shay Toder’s (Web-Speed Optimization Guru) Workflow 1



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