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10 Functional Google Drive Plugins to Use on Your Site - Colorlib

A backup drive is undoubtedly needed on your website. It will save you from the hassle and the risk of losing your files. It is also true if you need a lot of documents to use for your page. Another thing, using the plugins we will show lets your authorized guests view the files from your Google Drive. Don’t worry. Leave the searching and curating to us, and we are going to show you’re the WordPress Google Drive Plugins that you must have.

All of these plugins are responsive and bug-free, so you can install and activate them without any worries. Another thing, you only have to follow simple steps to use one of them. Instead of paying a lot of money to have your backup drive, you can have them for free. However, you might still want to go for the premium version to save more files.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

If you need any backup solution, then this plugin would be the right one for you. More than anything, it simplifies the way you do it. It is one of the highest rankings in WordPress plugins. You can also restore your files when anything goes wrong on your website, or when you plan to transfer your website’s files to another.

With this plugin, you can backup your cloud files directly to Amazon S3, Google Drive, UpdraftVault, DreamObjects, and more. There is a lot of reason why you need to have it. It has features others don’t have. For example, it doesn’t just restore but back up the files as well.

You don’t have to get anxious over anything since it has been tested with more than 1 million websites. That would be one of its most significant credibility. Most importantly, you can have a backup schedule to save you from the hassle of manually setting it.

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Google Drive Embedder

Popup WordPress Google Drive Plugins

More than backing up the files, this plugin lets specific users get access to essential data. It also gives you, as an author, to gain access to the documents on your Google Drive. You can also set Google files into read-only to avoid unnecessary changes from unauthorized individuals.

However, take note that you need to install the Google Apps Login plugin first before you can activate and use this Google Drive Embedder plugin. You can display different types of files, such as the Spreadsheet, Forms, ZIP, Word Doc, and more. It will be possible using the Embed document, Download file link, or Viewer file link.

Although you can use the free version, the Premium one will give you more features. The extra functionalities are the Google Calendars, Embed Folders, Support, and one-year update.

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