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I assume I don’t need to talk in this article about what the Corona virus is – it’s sparked a panic around the world as a potential plague like disease – but in all manners of events – no matter how bad – there is always a silver lining for someone.

My client sold face masks.

Let’s just say – when I say that his business exploded that would be an understatement. Long story short not only did his online store explode but he also took the opportunity to advertise on Instagram in various Asian countries – and soon his store was basically printing money (you may have an issue with this morally – I am only the messenger).

The unfortunate thing is his (crappy) server balked under the pressure – and soon it was up to me to come in and fix some of the problems – while I had worked with the client for a while we didn’t have an active relationship – however he needed my help and quickly.

So we had to deal with a problem that for many e-commerce stores sounds more like a dream – what to do when your online store is so busy making money that your server is incapable of handling the load?

So – as I worked to fix these issues I (admittedly) – made some mistakes – and I hope the person reading this will learn from them should these issues happen to you.

So your server is balking under the load of your store and you need to vacate ship – here are 5 mistakes you need to avoid – including ones you should have known before going to the crappy server in the first place.

Let’s get started.

Mistake #1 – No Chat Support, No Can Do

The first mistake is having a crappy host to begin with. For the record I wasn’t the one that chose the host for my client – and I really shouldn’t say the host’s name… but let’s say it rhymes with Bet Registry… anyway when it comes to choosing a host – choosing the wrong host can create huge nightmares.

Many people – when deciding on a host look at things like how fast the servers are, what the CPU power is, how many concurrent visitors there are on a website.

For me – this is the last thing on my mind.
Instead I do one thing – very simply. I call the host’s support phone number and see who answers the phone. Do they have a thick overseas/outsourced accent? To me that’s the first give away that the host is cutting corners – hosts that outsource their support staff are usually cutting corners in other areas too.

The other is chat support. Simply put if a host doesn’t have chat support – and they expect you to create online tickets they don’t care about you as a client – that speaks volumes.

‘Bet’ Registry didn’t have chat support, their online tickets were major slow (think literally 3 days to get a response) – and their phone support was horrendous – with people with thick accents that you could barely understand telling my client that the issue was with the website – and not their crappy host plan.

Mistake #2 –



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