How to Create an Interactive Image Map in WordPress

How to Create an Interactive Image Map in WordPress

Detail, detail, detail … It’s hard to convey loads of important small product details without alienating your customers with a wall of detailed text. If you want to pinpoint an object, room, or area – plus provide detailed information without interrupting the customer’s journey by sending them off to different parts of your website – then a WordPress image map is your answer.

A WordPress image map is the best way to showcase your beautiful pictures and add loads of details effectively, without spoiling the effect. You get maximum information compressed in the smallest amount of internet real estate – but done beautifully.

The zoom-in function for images in e-commerce stores deals with the problem in an elegant way, but installing a WooCommerce store is not the solution for businesses that need extra “oomph” for their photos.

Read our in-depth guide to learn how easy it is to create interactive image maps in WordPress with the WP Draw Attention plugin.

Overview of WordPress image maps and WP Draw Attention

A WordPress image map is an interactive graphic element that contains clickable areas.

An obvious use is by property developers, realtors, and guest house or hotel owners. They use image maps to showcase interactive floor plans with beautiful images attached to each area.

However, there are more advantages to image maps in WordPress, as proven by the WP Draw Attention image map tool. It’s fast becoming a secret marketing tool of choice for handymen, crafters, artisans, artists, and other internet traders.

WP Draw Attention’s interactive image (e.g. a floor plan) allows your customers to zoom in to incredible detail. You can add a detailed explanation, text, numbers, images, or even video for each area to highlight your product’s unique features. You can elaborate on all the advantages of your product without overwhelming the visitor with a wall of text.

Responsive image maps created with the WP Draw Attention plugin generate their own meta-data according to your input and therefore are SEO-friendly from the get-go.

We’ll mention the differences between the free and premium WP Draw Attention plans below, but we must tell you about this fabulous feature of the free plugin… You get just one interactive drawing per site, but the irresistible factor is that you can add any number of detail areas to that drawing.

Let’s use a floor plan as an example. You can link areas on the floor plan to photos of each room, but you can also outline specific items of interest on the general floor plan. You could end up with detailed photos of artwork, antiques, flower arrangements, and soap … all linked to your one free base image.

Let’s start our guide without further ado!

How to create an image map in WordPress with WP Draw Attention

It’s remarkably easy to set up an interactive



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