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8 Ideas for Using Video Content to Drive Traffic To Your Website

There is no denying that video marketing is an effective tool for businesses today. Seventy-eight percent of marketing professionals state that videos have helped them to boost their sales levels.

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However, for this to be the case, you must ensure you effectively use videos. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at the different ideas you can use when adding video content to your website to drive traffic.

1. Add subtitles to your videos.

Adding subtitles is one of the most effective ways of getting more people to watch your videos. 

Did you know that 92 percent of people watch videos without the sound on when viewing on their mobile? After all, many people will watch videos while commuting or in a room with other people, so it makes sense for them to turn the sound off.

You may think that adding subtitles to your video will be difficult, but we can assure you that this is not the case. You can use the likes of Happy Scribe’s YouTube video transcription software to easily and quickly add subtitles to all of your videos.

With this solution, you can get the subtitles machine-generated or ask for a human to transcribe your video for you, ensuring you get the level of quality you need.

2. Leverage the help of industry experts

Not all of the content you produce for your online strategy needs to come from you. Another way you can enhance your presence and drive more people to your website is by leveraging the help of industry experts.

Try tracking down influencers or experts in your field and ask them whether they would be willing to sit down for a quick interview with you. A Q&A format is typically the best approach in this regard.

Not only is this going to provide you with a minimum of one new content asset, but it is going to help you in terms of building relationships with other thought leaders as well. You may find that they even promote the video and any subsequent posts you do in the future.

The more you do these types of videos, the easier they should be to record and get guests for in the future.

3. Use customer testimonials in your video for social proof.

Social proof is a critical ingredient for businesses today. It is about showing people that your business is the best in the industry without actually saying this yourself. People are more likely to believe it this way! After all, any business can bring big themselves up, but when your customers do this, the impact is much greater.

We are sure you are probably already using customer testimonials as part of your marketing strategy. But have you considered recreating them in video format? Of course, you always need to ensure that you get the customer’s permission to do this.

Offer some perks to make it as enticing as possible. You can create videos that contain effective customer testimonials in several different ways. For example, you can ask a satisfied customer if they would be willing to do a short interview with you. We are all-time-poor nowadays, so you must dangle a carrot to get customers to take up the offer.

4. How-to videos and tips on using your products work well.

Aside from the ideas and suggestions we have mentioned so far, another effective way of getting people to your website through video marketing is by offering tips and how-to videos. These videos can be based on your product or advice-based in general based on the goods and services you provide. 

You can even repurpose one of your blog posts when creating a video like this. Either way, how-to videos and advice videos reach those who are actively looking for assistance. If you can help them, they will view you as an industry authority and come to your business for advice and help in the future. 

5. Evaluate your success

Another important tip that we have for you when it comes to successful video marketing is to continue to evaluate your success. After all, if you do not assess how your videos are performing, how do you expect to make improvements and continue to grow?

There are many great marketing and SEO tools available today that can help you measure your strategy so that you can understand how you are performing.

You can use these tools to get a better understanding of what type of videos work well with your audience, whether your audience views a video to the end or, if not, when they leave the video, and what time of day is best for posting, and so much more. 

With all of this information, you can refine and hone your strategy effectively to continue to get the results you are hoping for. 

Of course, it can be disappointing when you discover that a video you have put a lot of effort into is not doing well. However, understanding why this has happened is critical to ensure your videos are more successful in the future. 

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6. Create a posting schedule 

The next piece of advice that we have for you is to put together a posting schedule. Posting schedules are highly beneficial because they ensure you are posting consistently. 

This is one of the most critical ingredients for any content marketing. If you post a video every day for one week and then go missing for two weeks, you will lose the interest of your followers.

You would be much better off posting once a week than having an erratic posting schedule like this. People like to know what to expect when following brand accounts online, which is why consistency is key.

7. Use SEO to make sure that your videos are optimized. 

Next, it is important to ensure that your videos are optimized for SEO. After all, you can have the most impressive videos today, but what’s the point if no one sees them?

You need to ensure that you get enough people to visit your video content. There are several different ways that you can go about this. Firstly, you must ensure that everything from the video tags to the meta description is optimized. 

It also makes sense to add transcripts to your video. Earlier, we mentioned that many people watch videos without sound today. Not only are transcriptions critical for this, but they are also vital because they help further optimize your efforts by ensuring more content and essentially more keywords relating to your brand.

You should also consider embedding your videos into your blogging efforts regarding the blogs you post on your website and blogger outreach.

8. Make sure your video thumbnail is engaging.

Last but not least, when creating effective video content that drives people to your website, you must ensure that your video thumbnails are striking and engaging.

After all, this is what is going to compel people to click on your video. When scrolling amongst all of the different online videos today, people will be more likely to stop on a video that looks impressive and has an eye-catching thumbnail. 

When choosing a thumbnail, you need to look for something that makes an instant impression and leaves viewers wanting more. It should give people an understanding of what will come in the video while also creating excitement. 

Spend some time looking on the likes of YouTube and assessing the thumbnails used by others so you can understand what works and what doesn’t. 

Final words on the best ideas for using video content to drive traffic to your website

So there you have it: some of the different ideas and suggestions for adding video content to your online presence. We hope that this has given you some inspiration when it comes to creating videos that help to drive traffic and convert.

When putting together your video marketing strategy, it is always imperative to start by understanding your customers and what videos they are looking for online so that you can cater to them. 

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