Introducing… Domains!

Introducing… Domains!

Since we launched WPMU DEV hosting you’ve been asking us for integrated domain purchase and management. So today, we deliver. Wholesale pricing, 120+ extensions (many more on the way) and reseller ready.

Read on for a quick overview or, if you are a member, jump in now.

No WPMU DEV membership? No problem! Trial an Agency plan today 🙂

Wholesale Pricing

Even your most non-tech-savvy client knows how much a domain costs.

If it’s GoDaddy, SquareSpace, or Namecheap, there’s a standard pricing method of offering heavy discounts during domain registration and charging higher prices on renewals. However, nobody is going to become rich off it (unless you sell a million of them a month).

So we are providing you domains purely at cost (purchase and renewal), with no margin for us (except to cover transaction fees) so that you can provide them to your clients at whatever price you’d like to set and save a decent bit of money on your existing provider.

For example:

Get wholesale domain pricing at WPMU DEV!

Fully Integrated with WPMU DEV

With our domains, simply click “Connect to a hosted site” and your domain will be automatically configured and set up for your site.

One-click setup? Yep!

That’s all you need to do to manage your domains alongside your hosting and your site management tools.

Domain integration with WPMU DEV HostingOne-click domain setup and easy automatic integration with WPMU DEV hosting.

120+ Different Extensions and Counting

If you’re after a .com, .club or a .casino… we’ve got you covered.

Right now you’ll find over 120 different extensions (or .tlds) available through our hosting.

We’ll be adding more – country specific domains are coming REALLY soon!

And of course, all domains come with free privacy by default, plus free email and a bunch of other features too if you connect them to one of our hosting plans.

Search from A to Z to find and register the perfect domain at WPMU DEV!

Reseller Ready (Full Automation Coming in 2023!)

So, what does WPMU DEV give you now?

  • Dedicated and managed WP hosting from $3.60/m
  • A great selection of templates and the ability to create your own
  • A full subscription supported white label billing system
  • All of the core pro plugins a WordPress site needs
  • The best bulk site management tool on the web
  • A fully white label client portal to manage sites
  • And now… domains

Next up, let’s tie these all together so you can create your own GoDaddy… coming in 2023!

Agency Only

We can only offer this kind of service at wholesale pricing by making it exclusive to our Agency plan (just as we did with Quantum hosting).

As an Agency member, you get loads of other amazing benefits (like an unlimited site license for all of our plugins, white labelling and reseller facilities, 0% client billing and team and client management tools in The Hub… and that’s just the start!). See our documentation for more details.

So, if you haven’t tried our Agency plan, start your 7 day, easy to cancel, no obligation free trial today.

If you are already an Agency member, what are you waiting for? Jump in and go take a look right now.

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