20 Best Push Notifications Services to Promote Your Business


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With technology forever evolving, push notifications services have become an essential part of today’s world of mobile marketing. For every mobile or web-app, push notifications are crucial for engaging new customers as well as communicating with them more efficiently to retain the existing ones.

Reports suggest that push notifications are packed with user data.
They are the most direct form of reaching your audience. People who subscribe
to your notifications view them directly on desktop and mobile home screens.

Accengage, in a study of 50
billion push notifications in 2018, reports that the opt-in rate for push
notifications by android users (91.1%) is more than twice that of the iOS users

In both cases, propagating actionable push notifications is a hugely
successful strategy in the marketing of brands today. It feeds on personalized
user data that is used to segment and delivers content as per user preferences
and choices.

Let us Check Out a Few of The Most Successful Push Notification Tools and Websites.

#1. Onesignal

It is the top best value bet. Onesignal is one of the leaders in the industry providing almost all possible features of push notification services for free.

It is a trusted brand for more than 800,000 businesses sending over 5 million push notifications per day. It is a scorer in customer engagement, web push, powering mobile push, email as well as in-app messages.

It comes with developer-friendly pricing, wherein you could choose the
right plan to suit your business requirements. They have three different plans
– Free,
Starter@ $90/month, and Pro@ $500/month.

Using a single multi-platform API and offering a simple plugin, it
gives the capability of targeting specific users of your website or app.       

#2. Braze

20 Best Push Notifications Services to Promote Your Business 4

Previously known as Appboy, New York-based Braze provides intuitive
customer journey and campaign management and is a leader in mobile engagement
and automation field.

Braze has a whopping 1 billion
monthly active users



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