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What makes some online retail businesses so successful? What are shoppers actually looking for? Surprisingly, the answer is not that complicated: They just want to find what they’re looking for and then be on their way.

That’s right, customers are looking for convenience rather than cutting edge designs or other sorts of fireworks and that’s why more than 75% of people are shopping at least once a month online! So, how can you capitalize on this statistic?

Here are the top 7 things you need on your website to ensure the success of your online retail store!

Write a Business Plan

No one should start a business without a solid business plan. Having a business plan is very important as it helps you develop a framework and roadmap for your business. Your plan should include your marketing, advertising, and financing approach. In addition, if you need funding, you’ll need your business plan to get venture capitalists on board.

Select the Products

Even though your business plan might already outline the types of products you plan to sell, you still need to create a more detailed list of offerings. Your list should include all the products, along with their sizes, colors, as well as information on how they’ll be manufactured. If you are not manufacturing the products yourself, you’ll need to find a supplier or a solution that allows you to distribute through drop shipping or reselling.

Get a Management Software Solution

In today’s digitalized age, the software is one of the vital tools that every retail business needs to have. There are various solutions that can manage different aspects of your business and keep all the information in one place. This way, your retail business will be more streamlined, organized, and will use fewer resources. For more information, check out this Apparel Management guide by ApparelMagic.

Build a Website

After you have set up all the technical elements of your website, you’ll need to work on your website design. This includes choosing a theme, product categories, headers, etc. In addition, you’ll need to organize the products into categories, and decide whether you want to include a blog or sections like ‘About Us’ in order to attract more customers to your website.

If your retail business is only present online, you obviously won’t have a physical address. The problem is, many online retailers fail to provide even basic info, like a phone or email. In today’s digital era, customers need to know that they’re dealing with a trustworthy company that is ready to communicate with them and answer any question they might have.

Also, make sure that your policies on returns, refunds, replacements, warranties, and shipping are clearly visible. If customers are unsure, they won’t risk buying from you.

Finally, ensure that your website is regularly updated. If your customers see that you haven’t updated your site (for instance, you’re still advertising Easter specials in November), no one



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