5 Things You Must Know and 10 Sites to Buy Expired Domains

expired domains business

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You must have seen many newbies getting involved in domain flipping business.


Because this is easy to do business. Rather than buying the backlinks for your new blogs, you can always buy the expiring domains and create a blog around them.

Today I opened a group on Facebook and saw many people offering high DA/PA domains and many other people were interested in buying expired domains.

No doubt this is a very profitable and easy business. We can find some good domains and then flip them for a good profit.

If you are selling 4-5 domains per week with little profit of $50-$100 per domain then you can easily make $200-$500 per month.

I am doing this business from the last 3-4 months and it is working great for me as I have sold domains in $500, $251, $81, $50 and few others, and this was one of the easiest businesses I did.

If you are also looking to enter in domain flipping business then here I am going to share some very crucial things before buying a domain from anyone.

First of all, let’s start with a little introduction about the expired domain.

An expired domain is a domain which we don’t renew. There are many people who forget to renew their domains or they don’t have money to renew them again, so domain registrar gives 30 days extension to renew your domain.

If you fail to renew your domain in 30 days extension period then this domain will be declared as expired domain and domain registrar will start bidding for that domain.

Bidding will last for 7 days, and after that, the domain will be given to higher bidder, and with high bids, you can buy expired domain very easily.

And with this process, you can grab many good expiring domains.

Recently I won ProChatting.com in GoDaddy auction. I bought this domain just because of its age, as this is 15 years old domain. ?

How can you use these domains?

An expired domain is a great property to do many interesting things. Before proceeding further, and learning how to buy an expired domain and what to see while buying, we will learn how can we use them.

1. 301 Redirect

301 redirect is an easy way to pass all link juice to a new website or a blog. Let’s say, you bought a domain name which is having backlinks from TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, HBC or any other big websites.

You can simply 301 redirect that domain name to your money website and start seeing improvement in rankings.

2. Building an authority site on that domain

I have personally done this in the past. We bought an education niche domain and added around 100+ articles on that blog.

That domain was getting backlinks from some high authority education websites, so we didn’t put any extra efforts to make backlinks for that domain.

We were surprised to see the ranking of our domain name.

Every article we used to write in that blog



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