Toolset Blocks Allows Both Developers and NonCoders to Build Custom Websites in Less Time than Ever –

Toolset Blocks Allows Both Developers and Non-Coders to Build Custom Websites in Less Time than Ever - WP Mayor

Have you ever thought of something you’d always wanted to do but gave up on it because it was too difficult?

Many people at some point will think of a website that they would love to create but are concerned they do not have the experience or ability to create it.

The good news is that is no longer a problem thanks to Toolset Blocks and Gutenberg. The new WordPress Block Editor, Gutenberg, makes designing your own website much easier and more intuitive thanks to the creation of blocks.

In addition, Toolset Blocks is the perfect compliment to Gutenberg as you can turn a basic website into something far more complex and professional thanks to a number of features such as dynamic content.

Why Gutenberg is a great option for building websites

Gutenberg has been around for just over a year and has improved significantly making it an ideal platform to build websites on. Below is a list of advantages for using Gutenberg:

  • Over the past year, a number of great blocks extensions have emerged which enhance Gutenberg and your ability to build custom websites.
  • Excellent functionality for changing content on mobile.
  • Easy to add page content that all websites need including a call to action, headings, testimonials and columns.
  • Easy to reuse components across different pages and sections.
  • Ability to structure the content in whatever order you like by using the drag-and-drop interface to move blocks around.

Gutenberg did have some teething problems when it was first launched but the good news is that many of those concerns have been overcome. There are still some features which are missing but they are all due to arrive in the near future. Even so, you can use Gutenberg and Toolset Blocks together to build everything you could need in a website.


How Toolset Blocks makes it easier to build custom websites




This article was written by Joe Lobo and originally published on WP Mayor.

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