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What are WordPress Admin Notices?

Every time a user logs into the WordPress dashboard, they are greeted with a few messages at the top of their screen. These are WordPress admin notices. Typically they are used to alert users of critical information such as updates, warnings, or errors.

While some WordPress users may think of them as an annoyance, these messages can actually be quite useful in the right circumstances. At least, that is if a user knows how to manage them effectively. Admin notices can guide you to tasks that need to be done, such as updating plugins, dealing with bugs and errors, and even fixing possible technical and user issues.

In this article, we’ll break down why you should never ignore admin updates and help you figure out how to manage them well.

Why Are Admin Notices Important?

Admin notices are a core part of WordPress. You might have seen them announcing a WordPress update or confirming your save of a post draft. But even more can come with the installation of third-party WordPress plugins and themes.

Types of Admin Notices

There are essentially four kinds of issues that the WordPress admin may notify you about. Each of these notifications is shown by a white block with a different colored border:

Success Notice: These kinds of notices are shown when a change has been made successfully to your website. For example, when a new post is published successfully. Success notifications are displayed with a green border.

WordPressAdmin Notice: Warning

Warning Notice: This kind of alert is shown when a user is warned about something. For example, a component or a plugin that is installed but is not working correctly. Warning notifications are displayed with a yellow border.

WordPressAdmin Notice: Information

Information Notice: This kind of notification conveys simple bits of information such as the day of the week and is displayed by a blue border.

WordPressAdmin Notice: Error

Error Notice: Error notices appear when there is something wrong with your website. Error notifications are displayed with a red border.

The different color borders help users identify each type of notification at a glance to take immediate action accordingly.

Purposes of Admin Notices

Many WordPress users get annoyed by constant admin notification alerts shown by plugins. However, these notifications can be quite beneficial in providing critical information and regular



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