19 Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins for 2019

19 Best Free WordPress Live Chat Plugins for 2019

The digital world is quick. Options are plenty, and the world waits for no one. If you do not have an effective workflow or an automation system for your website to retain a potential customer even when your employees are not looking, then the chances are that you might lose out on valuable user engagement.

Live chat takes away this inconvenience — it acts as a go-to for users who arrive at your site and have questions about your products or services that they want to be answered immediately.

This can be for various reasons — they might not have enough time frame to wait for you to get back to them, or it’s simply because your business is available for correspondence when you are not.

With a live chat set up on your WordPress site, you do not have to worry about these things. A user lands on your website has questions, sees the live chat plugin, and writes a message, and you, who in some probabilities could be working remotely, would get their message. You can take the messages from there.

Reduces support costs

One of the reasons why live chat plugins for WordPress have been growing in popularity — with several developers coming up with new plugins, is that once you have an excellent live chat system set up, the cost of customer service reduces to a great extent.

In a traditional support room, a single customer service agent can only handle a single phone call or a message request at a time. On the other hand, live chat plugins for WordPress turn out to be much more efficient.

A report by Telus International stated that customer service agents could be involved in as much as six simultaneous supports, which increases the efficiency of your company. This happens through the several automated tasks that these plugins offer.

With multiple chats taken care of, you will have lesser people in your team, which will effectively bring down your operation costs.

Live chats are also much cheaper than the traditional call service, as it is integrated into your WordPress site in a native fashion.

Enhanced user experience

We’re also questioning: why such a feature is important for your users? When users are browsing your website for products and features, and have a question about it, then it would be quite tedious to make a call and wait for someone to answer it, worse if no one answers it.

If you have a WordPress chat plugin active on your site, then you can let them use it on the website. Depending on the nature of the query, the WordPress live chat plugin will direct them to the specific chat support team.

Also, once you are talking to a user, you have more chances of having them turn into potential customers. You will have more ways of communicating with them and explain what you have to offer and how exactly can you help them with whatever they are looking for.

You can then collect information about them and then turn the information into leads.

Customer satisfaction

By providing an



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