Why Starting a “FREE Blog” is a Terrible Idea in

Why Starting a “FREE Blog” is a Terrible Idea in 2019

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When someone hears the term “Blogging” for the first time, they simply go to Google and type “how to start a FREE blog.”

Google will show you some platforms like Wix, WordPress.com, Blogger.com and many other platforms where you can start your first blog.

It’s OK to use these platforms if you just want to take an insider look of how a blogging platform looks like.

You’ll see how can you write your blog post on these platforms, add images, add links and much more… but if you really want to become an awesome blogger, these FREE platforms are not going to help you.

Starting a blog on these platforms is a terrible idea.

When I started my blogging career in 2011, the very first blog I launched was on WordPress. From the very first day, I was confident that I will make this blog one of the best blogs in India.

Now I can say that starting a blog on WordPress was the best decision in my blogging career because I didn’t waste my precious time to learn other blogging platforms.

This article will help you to get rid of this big confusion and in the end I am going to tell you what is do and how to start a blog with minimal money and efforts.

Let’s Start…

#1. Blogger.com

Starting a blog on blogger.com is a terrible idea because it’s very difficult to manage if you don’t know the coding.

Here is a demo blog of mine.

Here are the problems with Blogger.com

#1. Difficult to Edit

If I want to make changes in the menu, logo or sidebar, I will have to enter in the coding of this theme… which looks like this.

Why Starting a "FREE Blog" is a Terrible Idea in 2020 3

If you want to make any changes in the theme, you’ll have to edit in the code and then make the appropriate changes.

One small mistake can break the whole theme.

#2. No SEO Options

Why Starting a "FREE Blog" is a Terrible Idea in 2020 4



This article was written by Kulwant Nagi and originally published on Blog – Blogging Cage.

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