Starting 2020 Right: 20 Goals to Start the New Decade

Starting 2020 Right: 20 Goals to Start the New Decade

As we transition into a new decade, we’re doing so with more tools than any entrepreneur has ever had in history. Living in the age of technology and digital content means that we have more access to resources and education to catapult our businesses into massive success. Once we fully recognize and embrace the benefits of where we are, we can move forward with precision, the right techniques and confidence.

One thing hasn’t changed, though: success still hinges on having goals. Casting a vision for yourself and your company is essential in order to create a path for where you want to go. As 2020 is just beginning, we put together this list of goals to consider in order to get started on the right foot.

1. Redesign your website.

Maybe 2020 is the year for a website makeover. How old is your current design? Does it accurately reflect your brand, your personality or the way your business has grown? Maybe it’s time for a fresh look.

A website redesign can have a way of re-invigorating your business efforts by helping you reevaluate your message and business strategy. And maybe it’s time to start deploying more digital marketing techniques, such as beefing up your blog with new, regular content and building your email lists. Both content marketing and email marketing parts can benefit from the “jolt” of improved design implementation on your site.

While a whole-site redesign can be a huge undertaking, there are always things you can do to tweak and improve the functionality of your website. Here are a few easy things to tackle if a redesign isn’t possible.

  • Instead of changing themes, you can clean up menu items to better reflect how users interact with your site based on analytics data.
  • Make sure links actually work. Include correct, updated information throughout your site.
  • Update/add testimonials from last year’s projects
  • Update your About page. How current is your headshot?

2. Start an exercise routine.

If you don’t take care of your well-being, you’ll decrease your chances of enjoying the decade to the fullest. Depending on the scope of work, it’s not uncommon for many business owners to spend lots of hours behind a desk. If you’re sitting for long hours, this can be a slippery slope toward obesity.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t sit to get your work down. Many people need to sit to focus, alternating between standing and sitting for certain tasks. However, this is a charge to make sure exercise and physical activity are major components of your life.

Prioritize exercise by finding a workout that you can do every single day. Even if you only spend 30 to 45 minutes in the gym, you can increase your lifespan and improve your quality of life tremendously. The easiest way to exercise more is to build it into your schedule for the day just as you would any other standing meeting or appointment.



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