How To Make Top Backlinks With Google Reverse Image Search

How To Make Top Backlinks With Google Reverse Image Search

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Owning a website
is owning a full-fledged business regardless of whether you run an e-commerce
site or a blog page. Websites help you build your brand, meet new people, and
also enable you to make money in the process.

Having a
good-looking site that loads quickly is only the first step towards driving
more traffic to your site. For your website to have more reach, search engines
must ‘like’ your content.

This is where
backlinks come in. They help increase your ranking on search engines, which
significantly increases your website’s visibility.

However, creating
quality backlinks that provide valuable returns can be a lengthy process that
requires a lot of experimenting, depending on your niche and sub-niche.

According to the State
of Inbound report, generating leads and traffic for their website
are the biggest challenges marketing companies face.

To help you boost your site’s rankings with ease, this article outlines the concept of backlinks and guides you through the process of creating backlinks using reverse image search.

Let’s begin.

What are Backlinks:

When another site
links to your website, you have a ‘backlink’ from that site.

In the same way,
when you link to another site on your page, they have a backlink from your

Here’s Why Having a Healthy Amount of Backlinks is Important

Search engines
design their indexing algorithm in ways that the searcher gets the most
relevant and the highest quality content.

There are
multiple factors at play that decide the ranking of a website.

Let us look at
what Google considers when ranking a page since it is the most
used search engine globally (80% search ad market share!).

The top three search ranking factors that Google considers are:

  • The quality of the content.
  • The number (and more importantly quality) of
  • RankBrain algorithm results.

Over time, Google
tweaks its algorithm to supply better results to its users. However, these
three remain the most important factors considered when ranking a site.

Tools like SEMRush and SECockpit help you see how many backlinks any given page has when you type in relevant keywords.

As you can see, most of the top-ranking websites have copious amounts of backlinks.

Think of backlinks as the currency of SEO.

Having more of them will certainly boost your website’s ranking on search engines. However, just randomly creating links without paying importance to their authority and dominance will have adverse effects.

Let’s see how.

Backlinks:  Quantity vs. Quality:

One would think
that there are only two ways to



This article was written by Kulwant Nagi and originally published on Blog – Blogging Cage.

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