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Advertising techniques continue to grow in diversity as bloggers find new ways to earn money from their content. Traditional AdSense ads have started to decline as bloggers find direct partnerships to be more rewarding and less obtrusive to the readers. Indeed, the traditional advertising landscape is changing. While content farm websites continue to feed their readers crappy advertisements, new alternatives offer unique and authentic options for making money with your blog. Those alternatives include things like sponsored content, direct advertising, content subscriptions, and product-specific advertisements.

Google hasn’t received very great reviews for their advertising modules in recent years. In addition, ad blockers are making it harder for bloggers to earn revenue through traditional advertising. Analysts expect that the use of ad blockers is going to grow by 100% in the coming five years. That means a lot less revenue for journalists or anyone who publishes content on the web. To shape a better future, bloggers need organic and user-friendly methods to promote advertising material. Static ads are a great example of how single products can be promoted to earn solid monthly revenue without running thin keyword-based ads. The same goes for creating paywall content. In exchange for a monthly subscription, you could up the ante of your advertising model. Provide exceptional and unique content that readers won’t find elsewhere.

The following plugins for monetizing your WordPress blog illustrate the diversity that advertising offers. Please share with us your own advertising experiences as a blogger. Feel free to recommend to others what networks work the best for you.

Ad Inserter

There isn’t a reason why WP users couldn’t add ads themselves through custom theme files. Usually, when it comes to AdSense, that is the best approach anyway. However, plugins do add some layer of extendability. This is so, particularly when it comes to positioning ads within the content itself or adding custom rules in terms of who should see the ads and how frequently they should be displayed.

Ad Inserter adds more layers of features that make adding ads to your blog an exciting task. It aims to help bloggers add Amazon and AdSense ad codes to their content. It provides custom features like category, tag, url, and referral whitelists and blacklists. These could help you position unique ads in unique parts of your website. You can select from a custom shortcode or use custom PHP functions to add your ads directly into theme files. You can also display ads on posts, pages, or categories, search, and archive pages. These features give you the power over your ad placements. You can choose whether to show ads after the first or the third paragraph depending on the type of content that you publish.



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