10 Smart Ways To Speed up WordPress & Reduce Loading Time in


Want to reduce your WordPress website loading time?

Well, I’m sharing nine smart tricks that you could use right now to speed up a WordPress website.

How to use SML WordPress Speedup Tutorial:

SML = ShoutMeLoud

Even though I have done my best to make this tutorial as beginner-friendly as I could, it still requires your mindfulness to make most out of it. These days, not all WordPress website is the same. You might be using WordPress as a :

10 Smart Ways To Speed up WordPress & Reduce Loading Time in 2020 1

  • Blog
  • Membership website
  • WooCommerce website
  • Learning management system
  • Company Website

Or it could be any other way.

However, the majority of the methodology explained below is applied to all WordPress websites and some of them are used to a specific type of website. For example, at the later stage, I have shared in-depth of WordPress transient options, and this is more applicable to a membership site or any WordPress using WooCommerce or EDD.

Also, I did my best to suggest a free plugin for all the WordPress performance booster options below. However, it would be wise to use one plugin that does all of it.

I have found WP-Rocket to be best at this, and that’s what I use here at ShoutMeLoud. Just grab the WP-Rocket plugin, and it will speed up WordPress with just a few clicks.

WP Rocket will solve only half the puzzle, there is much more need to be done to attain that blazing fast WordPress website that is loved by our readers and customers.

Lets go ahead and do this..

Before getting started:

The first thing you should be doing is to measure the speed of your WordPress website.

Run Speed test:

Here are some of the WordPress speed testing tools you can use:

Now, take a screenshot of the results and save it.

Once you are done utilizing the speed optimization tips shared below, simply re-rerun the speed test and compare before and after results.

Backup WordPress:

Before you start fine-tuning your WordPress, you should take a backup of the WordPress database.

Since, we will be doing some optimization on the database level, taking a backup adds safety net, in case of an unavoidable situation. You can use any of these WordPress backup plugins.

Should I apply all these WordPress speed up techniques?

Some of the tips can be applied instantly and you can gain a significant speed boost.

However, some of the tips which may require the involvement of a developer or need more technical know-how like implementing



This article was written by Harsh Agrawal and originally published on ShoutMeLoud.

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